Poultry Farm Guide

Your guide to a successful poultry farming.

Water Consumption Rate for Layers and Broilers For Optimal Output

 The quantity of water consumed by chickens is almost double the amount of feed they consume, which obviously places water as an irreplaceable ingredient or …

What Chicken Breed Lays Purple Eggs? Let Find out...


Cost of Rearing 500 Broilers in Nigeria With the Profit Amount

How to use Probiotics for Chickens to Improve Performances In Poultry


Mosaic Chicken Breed: All You Need To Know-Temperament, Eggs and Raising Guide

Turkey Farming for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Turkey farming ( a type of poultry farming) is an exciting hobby that has been around for centuries. It's also a great way to …

Can Chickens Eat Bananas? Nutritional And Health Benefits of Banana Peel

Banana is one of the most loved and consumed fruit in the world both by humans and animals. There are so many goodies in bananas …

"Why Are Eggs Different Colors? Exploring the Fascinating Science Behind Eggshell Coloration"

A basket filled with eggs of different colors is a sight to behold. And For most chicken lovers, it becomes an adventure to be fulfilled. …

What Chickens Lay Black Eggs?: All you need to Know about Black Chicken eggs

Black chicken eggs are one of the most sought eggs among chickens’ keepers. And some breeders have dedicated their time to breed chickens that lay …

6 Common Chick Diseases You May Encounter During Brooding

 The first week of the life of a baby chick is characterized by intensive welfare and management, to keep them away from harsh environmental conditions …

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