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Feed Formulation Guide: What Are The Ingredients of Poultry Feed?

 Some of the common ingredients for poultry feed are maize,  soybeans, sunflower, fish meal, bran, groundnut cake, palm kernel cake, (PKC), cow-pea, cereal grains, vitamin, and ...

Why are my Chickens Getting Sick and Dying? (Causes and Treatment)

  Chickens constantly getting sick and dying could be a terrible nightmare to a farmer.  I have had my own dark experience of unceasing death on ...

Why are my Broiler chickens Dying Suddenly? (Causes and Solution)

The reasons why your broiler chickens are dying can be attributed to so many conditions such as nutrition, sudden death syndrome (SDS), heat stress, stocking ...

How to Keep Poultry Farm Record For Layers

One of the main reasons why most farmers run into lost in poultry farming is due to a lack of a proper poultry farm record. ...

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