Mosaic Chicken Breed: All You Need To Know-Temperament, Eggs and Raising Guide

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Mosaic chicken is not an actual chicken breed, but a product of a combination of different breeds. As a result of this, many features regarding this chicken cannot be predicted. Based on your view, these would be the most or least attractive features of the mosaic chicken



So, in this post, I am going to give you a descriptive piece of mosaic chicken information to enable build your Mosaic chicken images.,



A Brief History of the Mosaic Chickens


mosaic chicken

Probably, for you, this is the first time you are hearing about the Mosaic chickens. But don’t worry, you have not missed anything yet because the Mosaics and their history are quite new.

The Mosaic chickens are not  just a product of science, but of art as well

The origin of Mosaic chicken started at Gold Feather Farm after so many years of trial-and-error with selective breeding.

The Mosaic chicken was derived from fibromelanistic chickens. This means that the Mosaic chicken cross involved several fibromelanistic chicken breeds.


Fibromelanosis is a type of mutation, which is expressed as hyperpigmentation in chickens. As a result of this, most, if not all, part of the fowl is black.


Normally, this includes the skin, meat, bones, and even organs of the chicken. A good example of this is the Silkie. This process sometimes involves a little bit of a mix-and-match with the genes of different chickens.


The Mosaic chickens are pretty new to the poultry world, and so, not so many poultry keepers have familiarized themselves with the chickens.

Notwithstanding, over the years,  with their beauty and uniqueness, the Mosaics have slowly gained popularity in the poultry world.

At earlier development, the Mosaic chickens were exclusive to the Gold Feather Farms. Progressively, as they gradually gain popularity, other poultry farms started marketing them.


In addition to their charm, beauty, and utility, we could say that it will only get better from here. There is a little doubt that the Mosaic chickens will continue to get recognized.



Breed Standard and Appearance


Mosaic chicken

Mosaic Chenken

It is worthy to note that the Mosaic chicken has not been recognized yet by any organization or association. Thus, an official breeds standard has not yet been released.

The most striking feature of the Mosaics is their turquoise earlobes. However, its hue varies from one bird to another, with some more bright and vibrant than others.


Furthermore, since fibromelanistic chickens were used for the development of the Mosaics, it is reasonable to expect their skin color to be black, but on the contrarily it is blue. The reason behind this has not been known yet.


When it comes to Mosaic chicken size and appearance, it seems impossible to get two birds that have different patterns and colors.

Sometimes, even different sizes and shapes. This bird is full of surprises, and we guess hope you like surprises.

 However, the feathers’ base color can range from white to brown as observed by the Gold Feather Farms. This base feather is later covered by different colored mosaic patterns.


In addition, their head is a combination of colors like back and red which extends to more infrequent colors such as blue and turquoise.

Sometimes you could get one strictly black and white which highlights their turquoise earlobes.

However, it is possible to get a Mosaic with white and brown patterns with a turquoise beak and earlobes.


Mosaic Chicken Personality and Temperament

 Many poultry keepers choose to keep some chickens based on their personalities. The personality of a chicken can make or break that chicken because what may be a 'turn on' for me, might be a 'turn off' for you.

So, let’s see if the Mosaic’s personality matches yours

mosaic chicken image

Is Mosaic Chicken Friendly?

They have been observed to be more friendly than aggressive. Generally, friendly chickens have been easier to take care of and handle.

They pose fewer problems than those that are more dominant or, of course aggressive.

However, the friendly ones are normally bullied by the dominant breeds. As you worry less about them bullying other breeds, you might want to watch out for them.

Make sure they don’t get bullied by other dominant breeds in your flock


In addition, some chicken breeders have been described as intelligent creatures.

This could mean that the Mosaic chickens can get themselves from difficult situations. Although, they would still need some help at times.

They are not the calmest chickens out there, but their noise level is quite tolerable.

They seem to be a little bit chatty in nature, but not in a messy and annoying way- except you want complete silence. Plus they also tolerate confinement well.


However, have it in mind that a chicken’s behavior varies from one bird to another. There is almost the same amount of possibility that your Mosaic.

Chicken could comfortably  display these traits as much as the possibility that they may stray from it


mosaic chioken

Mosaic Chicken Eggs



Mosaic Chicken eggs color is a creamy color, and with a medium-sized, much like the size and color of Ayam Cemani’s egg.

   There is no specific range for the number of eggs they could supply, but they are regarded as good layers.


Are Mosaic Chickens Auto-sexing?


The sex of Mosaic chicken cannot be marked, and cannot produce a visually sexable chick, therefore, it is not an auto-sexing chicken breed nor a sex-linked breed.

However, you can determine sex by common techniques like vent sexing or feather sexing.

 Mosaic chicken could perhaps provide your needs all year round.

While the other girls are already settling down for the year, the Mosaic would still give you a steady supply in winter, even when you didn’t winter your chicken coop

Mosaic chickens are not broody. Thus, you will not have much of a problem picking their eggs.


Moreover, it’s always interesting to watch the egg of these fowls hatch. Since the egg size and color rarely change, you never really know what your chick would look like, and it’s like opening a present on your birthday.


Health Issues And Care


Mosaic chicken Health

The health challenges of these birds vary depending on the exact bird you keep.

The information below is just a general overview that could perfectly suit the Mosaic chicken you have.


Generally, The Mosaics are known to be heat-hardy. They are pretty good with heat, so you would not have to worry much about them when summer arrives.

Still, ensure you provide them with some shade and plenty of fresh water in the hot seasons.


On the other side, they may or may not be cold-hardy depending on the comb. However, make sure you provide the basic needs during the cold season.

mosaic cock

During winter, ensure you provide them with a heat source, and if need be, add some extra beddings.


They seem to score 9 on a scale of 10 regarding health issues. The only thing you need to worry about is the common health issues.

Thoughtfully, since each chicken of this breed is quite different from the other, ensure you observe and note the characters and quirks of the chicken you own to properly tend to its needs.


Guide and Tips for Raising Mosaic Chickens


Raising these chickens has shown to be a little bit difficult than other birds simply because it is almost always unpredictable with these birds.

However, if you are facing any challenges, then here are some tips for a seamless journey with your Mosaic Chickens:


  1. Try Again and Never Give Up:

    If you are frustrated keeping your Mosaic Chickens, and it seems a certain pattern is not encouraging, then I think it is time you try an alternative.  

            Recall that these birds are full of surprises, so if something is or is not working with one Mosaic, it might have a different character from others. Keep trying and never give up.

       2. You are the Master of your Mosaic:

           Since no two Mosaic chickens are exactly alike, no one could give a better understanding of your chicken but you.

           Be observant of your chicken’s behavior and take note of anything strange. Some might need more or less attention than others.


mosaic chicken breed

  1. Hints From Another Chicken:

       As I explained earlier, the Mosaic chicken was created from different chicken breeds and would most probably inherit some traits from            them

         If your Mosaic Chicken looks like another chicken breed, you might be able to get some glues on raising your Mosaic Chicken by noting the needs of that breed. Whatever will work for that chicken might also work for your Mosaic as well.


mosaic flock

Mosaics on free-range


The Mosaic Chicken is not an actual breed as I earlier stated. Notwithstanding, the Mosaics have been slowly gaining recognition over the years.


We hope that researchers and chicken breeders will provide a better way of raising these birds, and as well as creating a standard breed for better understanding.



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