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What Should Be Inside Your Chicken Coop? Essential Elements for a Functional and Productive Coop

Imagine stepping into your backyard, inhaling the fresh air, and hearing the content clucking of your happy hens.

Color Your Egg Basket: Discover Chicken Breeds Lay Beautiful Blue Eggs!"

How to Raise Meat Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How Do You Use Garlic For Chickens For Better Performance


How Do You Know If a Chick is a Male or Female ?

How to know if a chick is a male or a female is a high skill sought after in the poultry business. However,  there are …

7 Ways On How To Winter Chickens To Keep Them Warm

 As winter draws near, finding ways to shield your flock from the elements can be tasking- especially for backyard chicken keepers who don’t keep on …

How To Star a Profitable Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Layer Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the oldest farming businesses in the country. With agriculture being one of the core sectors in the …

Ultimate Guide for Brooding Broiler in Nigeria

  If you desire to rear broiler chickens as a way of making extra income in our extremely economically challenged country like Nigeria, then you must …

Expected weight of broiler chicken: Are you getting it right?

The expected weight of broiler chicken depends on the age of the broiler, sex, and other factors that have to be kept in order …

6 smart tips to increase the body weight of your broiler chicken

So, recently people have been asking questions like how to make broiler grow faster, how to increase broiler weight, how to make a homemade broiler …

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