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12 Common Diseases of Layer Chickens: ( Causes, symptoms, and Treatment)

 The high mortality rate in poultry has always been a nightmare to poultry farmers ab initio. And the major causes of this mortality are as …

Why are my Chickens Getting Sick and Dying? (Causes and Treatment)

  Chickens constantly getting sick and dying could be a terrible nightmare to a farmer.  I have had my own dark experience of unceasing death on …

How to Stop watery whitish, greenish, brownish-yellow and blood stain in your Chickens poops for full Recovery

From the time in memorial, poultry farmers make use of the color and texture of chickens poop, or droppings to identify some abnormalities/diseases in their …

Poultry vaccination and schedule in Nigeria for layers and broilers

Poultry Vaccination is the first line of action in preventing poultry diseases, especially in Nigeria where highly pathogenic poultry diseases are prevalent. The prevalency of …

Fowl pox symptoms, treatment and prevention

Fowlpox is a viral disease affecting most species of poultry. It is a relatively slow-spreading disease that affects most birds like Chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, ducks, …

Poultry vaccination and schedule for Layers and Broilers

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