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Water Consumption Rate for Layers and Broilers For Optimal Output

 The quantity of water consumed by chickens is almost double the amount of feed they consume, which obviously places water as an irreplaceable ingredient or ...

12 Common Diseases of Layer Chickens: ( Causes, symptoms, and Treatment)

 The high mortality rate in poultry has always been a nightmare to poultry farmers ab initio. And the major causes of this mortality are as ...

How to Make Chicken Lay Big Eggs and Make More Profit

The best way to maximize profitability over the lifetime of your flock is to maintain an average egg weight between 56g to 62g, as these ...

Cost of Raising 1000 Layers in Nigeria with Profit Amount

 Nigeria is the largest egg producer in Africa recording an average annual growth rate of 4% between 2000 and 2012 when output reached 640,000 tonnes. ...

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