At our school farm with our 7 weeks broilers

My name is Ezenwankwo Samuel, a graduate of Biochemistry, a teacher, and a poultry enthusiast. I am passionate about poultry farming. I want to see people succeed in it without the fear of losing their birds. I have had my share of dark days in poultry farming at a very young age of 11 years.
I fell in love with poultry farming when I first built a woody cage with a rusted nail and zinc. The woody cage housed four broilers my dear mum bought for me. The four birds all did well, and we had more than enough for Christmas.

Subsequently, my father took an interest and built a bigger pen. Things were going well until the fifth year when a deadly disease almost wiped out the whole flock. The experience was a nightmare I could never forget. My father and I made a lot of mistakes, and we have to pay the price.

So, since then, I have taken it upon myself to make sure that people don’t make the same mistakes we made. I have undergone some training, attached myself to experts, and visited friends and families who own poultry farms to tap from their experience in poultry farming.

My journey in poultry farming is more than a decade and a half, and I am very confident about the quality content you will enjoy on this blog. 
Currently, the school I teach in owns a big farm, and I also manage the poultry department along with my students. I must confess it has been a wonderful experience having the kids on the farm.

In the future, I also plan to own a Youtube channel for a better experience and better outreach.
If you could like to connect with me, then be sure to find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even on Linkedin.

P.S: In recognition of my hard work, poultryfarmguide.com was recognized by FEEDSPOT, and featured among the Top 70 poultry blogs on the web. This could not have been possible without you guys. Thank you for believing in me.

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