Poultry Farm Guide

Your guide to a successful poultry farming.

10 Reasons your Chickens Are Not Laying Eggs And How to Fix It.

 There are several reasons why your chickens are not laying eggs again. Sometimes, they might have gone through stress, health challenges, nutritional problem, molting, lighting …

20 Common Chicken Predators, Mode of Attack and Prevention.

As a Poultry farmer, having the established knowledge that humans are not the only ones that like chicken and poultry birds will enable you …

Local Chicken Farming: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners.

Local chickens have been in existence from time immemorial. And the demand for local chickens has increased exponentially since the exorbitant increase in poultry feed. …

Do Raccoon Eat Chicken? : Identifying and Preventing Raccoon Attack

As a chicken farmer, you must be worried about the raccoons that have been on your property these days. You should worry, because raccoons can …

How to Raise Broiler Chicken Profitably: All You Need to Know

Broilers are meat chickens created to eat voraciously and grow very fast within a short period of time and leads to an increase in their …

How to Raise Meat Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How Can I Make My Broiler Eat More? Follow These 5 Steps.

What Chickens Lay Brown Egg? Here are the 11 Best Breeds...

Brown eggs are one of the most popular egg colors, laid by the best chicken for eggs with red ear lobes, although this claim is …

How are Turkeys Slaughtered in The Factory Farm? Here Are the Four Steps.

Slaughtering of turkey involves four main stages, scalding, plucking eviscerating, and chilling. Different equipment is used in each of these stages with a well-established quality …

What kind of Chickens lay white Eggs? (See the 7 best… )

 Chickens that lay white eggs are identified by their white feathers or mixed/speckled with other colors. Their unique identity is their white ear lobes. This …

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