What Chicken Breed Lays Purple Eggs? Let Find out...

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As a chicken keeper, there is this tendency to acquire different breeds of chickens with their unique temperament and various egg colors. It is always a sight to behold when I see a tray or basket with different egg colors, and I believe many chicken keepers share my thought.


However, as we all seek to acquire different chicken breeds with our favorite egg color, we should bear in mind that the color of the egg solely depends on the chicken’s genetic and not on the feed or other related factors.

Notwithstanding, besides the chickens' breed that lay brown and white eggs, they are several chickens that are known to lay blue, pink, chocolate, green eggs, etc.

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Although, the color of the egg a hen will lay can be predicted to some extent by some features like the chicken’s ear lobes and breed. But the actual factors, besides genetic, that lead to various egg colors is the combination of different color pigments released as the egg passes through the reproductive tract

purple egg

Purple eggs


Having said that, this color combination has limitations on the types of egg color it can produce.

According to Avian Anatomy, Egg color is the product of three pigments: biliverdin Produces blue tones, protoporphyrin is responsible for red/yellow/brown shades and zinc-biliverdin chelate produces a green color.

The final color of the shell is determined by the relative proportions in which these pigments are secreted by the uterine epithelium.

Recall that the myth about black chicken eggs has been debunked in my previous post, so no chicken breed actually lays black eggs.

However, as part of the adventure and aesthetic value for different egg colors among chicken keepers, there will be always a quest to acquire

or breed any chicken that will give them their unique egg color. So, what egg color are we inquest for in this article?

So, recently have seen several posts, statues on different groups and forums online asking; which chicken breed lays purple eggs?


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Which chicken breed actually lays a purple egg? A myth or true?- let find out.

Let see what other people have to say.


This one is from backyardchicken forum. Posted by Red Barn Farm



A facebook friend asked this question and I want to present it to everyone here. I'm very curious myself to hear the answer.

Here is the original comment:

i have alot to learn and i get that put in my face nearly every day. stumped . a gentleman asked me what kind of chicken lays purple eggs. he said he seen the eggs but didn't know what breed laid them one of those thoughts that repeatedly come to mind randomly. mostly for me since that is my favorite color. so if any of my fb friends knows please share so i can go on to next vit (very important thought) thanks.


Here are some responses from some members:


This is from holyhart Songster;


“A Chilean Tinamou is a chicken-like bird that lays a dark (and very shiny) purple egg. They are not actually a chicken though, but some people do keep them as part of their backyard flock.

A Marans egg with the bloom still on it can appear purple as well, when wet it will look brown again, then purple when dried.”



which chicken lays purple egg

An egg can appear to have a purple color when it has bloom ( this color is temporary)

Red Barn Farm, replied:


Thanks for the fast replies! Some one just pointed out in the Facebook page an English Croad Langshan lays a purplish egg!! I just searched them and they are beautiful chickens but as also pointed out almost impossible to find in the USA. Anyone have them? I want about 6 of these chickens, LOL!!



Time out, replied:


Someone saw my pic of a Marans egg and said it was red (he also asked if it was a dragon egg - no he's not even a kid!), so I guess perception changes the colour too.


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Let see what  those at Quora have to say…


Question: What kind of chicken lays a purple egg?


Kerry Walacavage Answered:


Marans lay a very dark brown egg that is usually termed ‘burgundy’ or ‘maroon or burgundy count as purple, then that chicken lays ‘purple’ eggs.


Also, the protective coating on an egg can alter the perceived color, and sometimes makes brown eggs look very purple”


Efthimia Zalachori Answered:



The chickens that lay eggs and the color of them are:


  • Ancona, Campine, White Leghorn and blue Andalusian: White eggs


  • Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Barred Rock, Australorp and Plymouth: Light brown eggs ( the common eggs)


  • Marans and Penedesenca: Really Dark brown eggs


  • Ameraucana, Araucana, Cream Legbar: Blue it light blue eggs


  • Barnevelder, Welsummer: Dark brown



These are the standard egg colors so if you saw a purple one it was either colored or probably a darker shade of blue eggs or may be a lighter shade of really dark brown eggs.

Or maybe it wasn’t a chicken’s egg and it was a Tinamou’s (wild African bird whih lays a variety of colourful and pretty glossy eggs that can be green, blue, purple, brown depending on the angle that you are looking at them ) or a Starling’s or another wild bird’s eggs\

 End of answer



Final Thought

From my research and the one above, I hate to disappoint you, but no chicken breed actually lays purple egg. If any egg look purple, the bloom of the egg is responsible for the purple look.

As earlier explained, the bloom is a protective layer on the egg shell that helps prevent bacteria from entering the egg. Plus, it also helps the egg to stay fresh. So, any egg that has a purple color is definitely a make up. Purple egg does not exist, at least for now.

Please, if you have any contrarily experience, I will be glad if you can share it with us. Thanks


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L. Cook 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I just bought 2 Langshan splash Pullets They are BEAUTFUL and I am so excited to soon be getting purple eggs..

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Wow! That is a rare breed. I would like you to share your experience with us at poultryfarmguide, especially their egg color. Good luck

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