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40 Facts about chickens that will blow your mind !

As a child, observing the behavior of chickens has always fascinated me. Having them around the yard is soothing with natural vibes. But there is ...

10 ways to sell and market your broiler chickens fast that are proven to work

In selling or marketing your broiler chickens, you have to explore all possible means, you don’t depend on one channel least you get stranded. Therefore, ...

Expected weight of broiler chicken: Are you getting it right?

The expected weight of broiler chicken depends on the age of the broiler, sex, and other factors that have to be kept in order ...

8 Natural growth boosters/ promoters for broiler that actually worked

6 smart tips to increase the body weight of your broiler chicken

So, recently people have been asking questions like how to make broiler grow faster, how to increase broiler weight, how to make a homemade broiler ...

8 Things I wish I’d known About Poultry farming. Don't neglect No 7

Some mistakes can never fade, even after the amendment. It is like a broken bone that never heals completely. The pain always resurfaces when the ...

How to Stop watery whitish, greenish, brownish-yellow and blood stain in your Chickens poops for full Recovery

From the time in memorial, poultry farmers make use of the color and texture of chickens poop, or droppings to identify some abnormalities/diseases in their ...

Layers vs. Broilers: Which One Should You Choose?

This is a common question among poultry farmers, especially with a beginner. And sometimes they make wrong decisions due to lack of beginners' guide ...

8 mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed in poultry farming

If you want to know the mistakes Pro farmers never make, you have to read this post. Here, I highlighted 8 mistakes you must avoid ...

Poultry vaccination and schedule in Nigeria for layers and broilers

Poultry Vaccination is the first line of action in preventing poultry diseases, especially in Nigeria where highly pathogenic poultry diseases are prevalent. The prevalency of ...

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