8 Best Broiler Growth Boosters in Nigeria for Top Performance

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 The common goal of every broiler poultry farmer is to achieve the desired market size as fast as possible and within a specific time frame in other to maximize profit and satisfy customers' needs in a very competitive market. Consequently, this has lead many farmers to desperately look for ways to achieving this result within a short time with minimum cost. 

And again, veterinary nutritionists and feed manufacturers have taken advantage of the situation to produce feed and vitamin supplements that are believed to increase broiler chicken's size and weight, thus, the name Broiler growth booster.


E-rox growth booster

However, some of these broiler boosters don’t do what they claimed to do. There are so many junks out there in the market claiming to be broiler booster, which when given to your chickens may cause more health hazards. Therefore, it is necessary you know the reputation of your vet store, their

clients, where they get their booster from.


To avoid buying low-quality broiler booster, I have compiled a list of the best broiler boosters suggest by one of the largest poultry Facebook groups in Nigeria. ( with over 200k member)


Before will jump into it, let us see what is a   broiler booster



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What is a broiler Growth booster?


A broiler growth booster could be any drug or substance that encourages, improves, or promote the performance of broiler chickens, eg vitamins and minerals, some natural growth booster, antibiotics, etc.  These broiler growth boosters are mostly in liquid or powder (water-soluble) form formulated by a veterinarian nutritionist.  A good broiler growth booster should be a mixture of a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes amino acids, probiotics to help strengthen the bone and develop muscles rapidly. Unfortunately, most of the products in the market are short of this quality blend.


Please wait! I know you are eager to see the best broiler growth booster list, but I want to correct a misconception before I proceed to the top best broiler growth boosters in Nigeria.


What is the Misconception?

Most farmers think that growth booster is the “holy grail” to fast and rapid growth for broiler chickens. I often hear farmers ask, what is the best growth booster for broiler? I want my broiler to grow bright red wattle and comb, what drug or booster can I get, and when I hear these things I shake my head in dismay at what misinformation can cause.  Booster is not a magic spare for rapid growth, however, they are a hand full of effective boosters in the market, despite many junks out there called growth boosters.

A growth booster will not be effective if the chicken is sick, if it has a poor genetic make-up, if the feed quality is poor , if the welfare and management are below standard. Moreover,  your broiler doesn’t need a growth booster if all these conditions are met. Growth booster is just the icing of the cake in broiler management. It is not a must, and not necessarily in attaining the expected weight of your broiler chicken.


Broiler farm

However, if you must use a growth booster, I advise you to consult your vet for proper prescription and withdrawal time. Besides, I asked for the opinion of broiler farmers in our Facebook group for their opinion of the best broiler growth booster in Nigeria. There were a few products mentioned, while some shared my opinion on the non-compulsory use of broiler growth booster.


From all the data I gathered, I have narrowed it down to 8 best broiler growth boosts in Nigeria (of course you have the right to object my list), although, we have other boosters that are very good as well, but l have to make do with the available data I have based on peoples’ opinion, my experience and extensive research on some few growth boosters.   I placed the 8  boosters into 3 categories;


  • Category 3 are those mentioned by broiler farmers on social media


  • Category 2 are the ones I have used in my broiler farm, and


  • Category 1 are those ones that have undergone extensive experiment and have been proven to be effective.


Ok, enough of the talk, let get down to the list



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Category 3


8.Broiler Booster Super Tonic (500ml)




Broiler Booster Super Tonic is a supertonic formulated to enhance weight gain by increasing the birds’ appetite, improve feed conversion, boost immunity in broilers, and growing pullets.

It also reduces stress to enhance feed intake and reach market weight within a short period.

Dosage/ Administration of Broiler Booster Super Tonic


2ml per 1L of water for 5 to 7 days.



 7.Donnay Growth Booster


 Presenting Donnay Growth Booster® ...

Helps poultry animals to gain weight in no time...

  • Quickly converts eaten feed by poultry animals into flesh...
  • Suitable for Broilers, Cockerels, Ducks(Pepeye)Turkeys, Pigs, Rabbits, Goats & Fishes.
  • It is safe for humans and it was organically formulated.


  • A Carton contains 20pieces of 100grams Sachet...Large Packing for big Farmers is based on order (1KG, 5KG,10KG & 30KG)


 These are the benefits:

1) Helps in fast conversion of eaten feed by poultry animals which makes them reach marketable weight sooner thereby reducing the overall cost of feeding.

2) Improves pigmentation (gives unique color). 3) Helps to attain optimum
digestion & absorption of nutrients in poultry animals.

4)Enhances the synergetic functions of antibiotics and coccidiostat.

5) Helps to bacteria balance in poultry animals.

Side Effects:-
1) It has no side effect because it was organically formulated(It is a herbal formulated recipe)

2) Excessive inclusion may lead to weak legs on chicken but reverses once the farmer returns to the recommended use.

3) Please ensure that birds have free access to portable drinking water always.
 4) 100% Organic.

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6.Vitranor Forte.



Vitranor Forte is a well-balanced combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for calves, cattle, goats, poultry, sheep, and swine. VIRANOR – FORTE is used for.

  • .  Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures, or extreme temperature changes).


  • Prevention or treatment of vitamins, minerals, or amino acids deficiencies in farm animals, excellent BROILER B00STER AND BROODING. 


  • Improvement of feed conversion.


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5.Maxi Growth (Animal Feed Supplement,150g)

Maxi Growth is an enriched animal feed supplement required for healthy growth, improved survivability, and profitable production



Maxi Growth: Product Benefits

  • Medicated feed-grade supplement: This product contains antibiotics that help livestock farmers reduce their animals' chances of becoming diseased, sick, and infected. It can also aid in growth and weight gain.
  • Minerals: Minerals play a pivotal role in the health of livestock and can improve weaning and conception rates, immune system response, and overall health. All of these benefits add up to a more valuable livestock investment.
  • Improving Nutritional Intake:

Providing access to proper nutrition is very important to animals, especially for pregnant, young, and sickly livestock. Amino acid, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and proteins are just a few of the nutrients most livestock require on a daily basis.

Maxi Growth offers a simple way for livestock farmers to provide the right balance of daily nutrition that helps to promote wellness and quality




Category 2


4.Poultry Boost Vitaminolyte (150g)



Poultry Boost Vitaminolyte is a hydrosoluble powder feed supplement with a balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

It is recommended to improve the performance of poultry flock.


Benefits/Indication for use


  • To boost the rapid growth of birds (broilers and pullets)
  • Enhance egg production
  • Aid in the maintenance of good health and performance.
  • Combat stress during periods of heat, convalescence and post-vaccination
  • General improvement of flock performance.




 Vitalyte is one of the few I have used, and I can attest to its efficacy.





Price:₦ 1,500 - ₦2,000


Vitalyte Extra is an effective and water-soluble feed supplement necessary to maintain the growth, development, and health status of poultry and livestock.

Vitalyte Extra is a formulation containing vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids.

It is indicated in poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and horses to aid growth and improve performance.

Vitalyte Extra is ideal for use at times of stress as well as combat dehydration.

It is also a valuable and effective aid in recovery from disease.



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Category 1


2.EL-ROX (Growth Booster):



 El-rox is another booster that has been tested extensively. The experiment showed that  El-rox along with 3 other probiotics has a significant effect on growth, Packed Cell Volume (PCV), and  Differential Leukocyte Count (DLC) compare to the control group.


Feed Additive

COMPOSITION: Glucose Oxidase, Calcium Carbonate:

DIRECTION FOR USE: Pour whole content (80g) into 25kg of finished feed.

CONTRA-INDICATION: Excessive inclusion may lead to a weak-leg condition in growing birds. However, this condition reverses on returning to recommended use level.

  • Use EL-ROX Growth Booster in finished compounded feed and feed from day-old for best result.
  • Allow animal-free access to drinking water as intake of EL-ROX Growth Booster stimulates high water intake.
  • Do not feed arsenicals to animals receiving EL-ROX Growth Booster.
  • Use for Broilers, Turkeys and Pigs only

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place at a temperature not more than 30 degrees Celsius and away from sunlight with container tightly closed.

WITHDRAWAL: 5 days-poultry; 7 days-pigs.

Net Weight 80g Dispose of properly.



  • For Broiler, Turkey, and pig’s weight gain
  • Improves pigmentation in an animal
  • For optimum digestion and absorption of nutrient
  • Eliminates undesirable bacteria(creates bacteria balance) in the intestine
  • Enhances the function (synergetic) of antibiotics and coccidiostats
  • Helps animal reach marketable weight sooner thereby reducing the overall cost of feeding


1.Lysoforte Booster ©

I  giving lysoforte booster the first position because is one of the few broiler growth boosters that has undergone extensive trials and test, and it has proven to enhance the absorption of fat and improve and boost growth and carcass quality of broiler chickens.


(Melegy et al, 2010) in their experiment titled, “ Dietary Fortification of Natural Biosurfaltant Lysolecithin in Broiler’’, included lysoforte booster in a day-old broiler chick (cobb 500 strain ) diet starter and grower-finisher at the rate of 250g or 500g/ton of feed for 6 weeks.

At the end of the experiment, they concluded that the dietary fortification of lysoforte booster can improve the broiler productivity, modify carcass quality and formulate cheaper diets with reduced energy and amino acids without any adverse effect on broilers overall performance.

Lysoforte Booster ®  is composed mainly of lysophosphatidic choline (Lysolecithin), recognized as a natural absorption enhancer and manufactured by Kemin Europa, Herentals, Belgium.


 In conclusion, make sure you get a good broiler breed with good management practice if you want any of these broiler growth boosters to be effective. Also, ensure you don't use it excessively, and visit a vet for a prescription and time for withdrawal.

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