What Chickens Lay Brown Egg? Here are the 11 Best Breeds...

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Brown eggs are one of the most popular egg colors, laid by the best chicken for eggs with red ear lobes, although this claim is debatable. But in my experience, most brown eggs are laid by chickens with red ear lobes, while white eggs are laid by chickens with white ear lobes.

Are you looking for brown chicken breeds that lay brown eggs? Or you're looking for updated information on the chicken breeds that lay brown eggs? Then you're on the right. I'll be sharing with you the 11 best chicken that produces brown eggs. 

A Lot of people no longer value brown eggs because they feel white Eggs are tastier. The truth is, the brown eggs are tastier. They are also the largest number of eggs produced every year.  

As a poultry farm, you might want to rear only white Eggs laying chicken because they are cost-effective but what you don't know is that brown laying chicken lays more Eggs than white chicken laying eggs. You can get more than your investment in a year just by rearing Brown eggs and laying chicken. 

Free range Brown eggs

Free-range Brown Eggs

Photo by julian Schwzenbach

A popular myth among buyers and customers is that the color affects not just the taste but also the nutrition. This myth is completely wrong because they all contain the same nutritional value.

Industrial poultry farmers chose to stand out from other poultry farmers by producing white eggs and that is the only reason it is more expensive than brown eggs. 

The major question here is "Which chicken produces brown eggs?" With a large number of chicken breeds, it might be quite overwhelming trying to pick the chicken breeds that lay brown eggs.

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I'll be dishing out all the information in regards to the 11 best brown Eggs laying breeds. So without further ado, let's get started…

11 Best Brown Eggs Layers 

Below is a full list of the 11 Best Brown Eggs Layers. The number of eggs each lays per year and per week, along with the noticeable character of each chicken is also discussed. 

1. Australorp Chicken Breed 

Australorp chicken lays brown eggs

Australorp Chicken breed is the result of a crossbreed between Rhode island Red chicken and Orpington chicken in Australia. Cross-breeding was done in the 1960s where Australia had less chicken because of The climate. 

Not all chicken breeds survive in Australia. They had few eggs and they decided to get more Chicken breeds that would survive and adapt to their climate. Fortunately, genetic engineering and crossbreed were successful. Australorp Chicken was the result of the cross Breed. 

Australorp Egg

Australorp Chicken has been recorded to produce light shiny eggs that are a little bit small in size. The good and surprising fact about this breed is that they can produce 364 eggs in 365 days, that is a year…!

Australorp Chicken Behavior

This chicken breed has a certain character and behavior that is peculiar to just its kind at times, not all the chickens found in this breed exhibit the same characteristics. There's always a little different. 

Most of the chickens in this breed are hostile so you need to be extra careful. They hurriedly pick up their feeds from your hands or from the floor. While most are gentle and will wait till it's served to them 

Aside from that, they exhibit the following characteristics in general; they are docile, relaxed, broody, and always hungry. 

2. Lohman Brown Chicken Breed 

Lohman chicken lays brown eggs

This is the second brown egg-laying chicken breed. Just like the Australorp Chicken, they are also produced from the cross-breeding of two different chicken species to meet a specific need. 

Lohman Brown Chicken was obtained from the cross Breeding between New Hampshire chicken and any other Brown Chicken. The aim was to Produce chicken breeds that will lay brown eggs as well as to adapt to the German climate. Currently, it is one of the top-best brown eggs laying chicken. 

Research shows that the chicken breed is leading in South Africa and other Africa countries but hardly survives in foreign countries and cold temperature countries like America. 

Lohman Brown Eggs 

Lohman Brown Chicken has been observed to lay hugs brown eggs bigger than the Australorp brown eggs. It's the second most-produced brown eggs breed. You can roughly get about 300 eggs a year from this breed. 

Lohman Chicken Character 

If you have Lohman Chicken among your other poultry birds, then you have nothing to worry about because they are docile and friendly. They are comfortable staying around other chicken breeds. 

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3. Golden Comet Chicken Breed

Golden comet lays brown eggs

This is another hybrid chicken that lays Brown Eggs. The chicken is a result of the cross-breeding between a white Rock hen and a New Hampshire rooster. 

Golden Comet Brown Eggs 

This chicken is among the list of chicken that lays eggs earlier than the others. They Lay eggs within 16weeks. Their eggs are shiny brown eggs but not as large as Lohman Chicken. You can have about 250 to 300 eggs from this breed. 

Golden Comet Chicken Character 

One noticeable character of Golden Comet Chicken is its curious nature. They are always ready to wander off. If you want to rear this chicken breed, you need to ensure your Poultry is properly secluded with a fence.  

They are also friendly and docile. Just like the Lohman Chicken, they are comfortable staying around other chicken breeds. 

4. Sussex Chickens

Sussex chicken lays brown eggs

This is a British chicken that was initially reared for meat. But with time, few Poultry farmers started rearing it for the purpose of egg production. 

Sussex Chickens come in various colors. But the most predominant type is the Sussex Chicken with two colors - white and black at the feathers. 

A Lot of people, especially Poultry farmers, find it difficult to believe that the white Sussex Chicken with black leather produces the largest number of brown eggs. I'm not surprised because there are lots of Beautiful wonders I've come to witness in my journey as a Poultry Farmer. 

Sussex Brown Eggs

The eggs for Sussex Chicken are a little bit dark-brown, they are not as shiny as the aforementioned brown eggs and they are not too large in size. You can roughly get about 100 to 200 eggs a year from this chicken breed. 

Sussex chicken Character

One observable characteristic about this Breed is their short temperament. They easily get angry. And once they are angry, they go wild. 

Aside from the temper issue, they have the following characteristics; they are friendly, docile, full of energy, and prefer flocking together. 

5. Rhode island Red chicken

Rhode Island red Lays brown Chicken

The Rhode Island Red chicken is an American hybrid made to suit the cold temperature. It is the result of the crossbreed between an Oriental chicken like Malay Chicken with Brown Leghorn Chicken. 

Rhode Island brown Eggs 

The eggs from the Rhode Island Red chicken are small and shiny brown. The good thing about this chicken breed is the fact that they lay earlier than other breeds. They can lay brown eggs within 4-5months. You can roughly make over 150 - 250 eggs a year from this breed. 

Rhode Island Red Chicken Character

If you want to easily identify this chicken breed from the others, then look for a loud chicken. They are always loud regardless of the environment and temperature. 

Other characteristics of this breed include the following; they are hyper breeds, they are full of energy, and always active. 

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6. Brahma brown layer chicken

Brahma Brown lays brown eggs

This breed has been recognized as one of the best brown layer chicken breeds in America. It is beautiful to behold and hardly makes loud noises like the other breeds. 

This chicken breed comes in various colors. The three different colors are dark, light and buff. But the color of the chicken doesn't determine the color of the eggs. 

Brahma Brown Eggs 

Brahma layer chickens have been observed to Lay brown eggs that are medium in size. They are not as large as the aforementioned breeds egg neither are they smaller than the eggs. This chicken breed lays up to 3-4 eggs per week. 

Brahma Chicken Character

If you're in a midst of various chicken breeds and asked to spot the Brahma brown layer chicken, then you should probably look for the chicken that is very gentle and calm even when approached and carried from the Poultry. 

One noticeable character of this breed is its gentle and calm nature. They are also friendly and can stay around other breeds. 

7. Buckeye Chicken Breed 

Buckeye chicken lays brown egg2

This is one of the best American Chicken breeds. Buckeye is a mahogany-colored chicken breed developed in the United States. There is just one color for this breed and its Mahogany red. 

Buckeye Brown Eggs

The Eggs for the Buckeye Chicken breed are brown and medium in size. Most times depending on the climate the eggs are shiny brown or light brown. The Buckeye Chicken lays up to 3 to 4 eggs per week. 

Buckeye Chicken Character 

One beautiful characteristic of the Buckeye Chicken is its sociable character. They are always found on good terms with other breeds. Most times when isolated, they wander off to where other chicken breeds are kept. 

Another characteristic of this brown egg layer is Its friendly nature. They are not also loud and can stay around other chicken breeds. 

8. Delware Chicken

Delware chicken

This is a hybrid chicken developed to suit the United States climate. Currently, It is one of the best United States brown eggs. 

It was produced by crossbreeding in New Hampshire with the Rhode Island Red Chicken in the United States. The color of this chicken breed is white with incomplete white baring. 

Delware Brown Eggs 

The eggs of Delware chicken are brown just like the aforementioned United States and American chicken breed eggs. They are also large in size. On average, your Delware chicken can lay over 4 to 5 brown eggs per week. 

Delware chicken Character

One noticeable character of this chicken breed is their calm nature. They are always calm and less frightened. 

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9. Dominique Brown egg layer

Dominique Chicken lays brown eggs

History has it that the first American breed is the Dominique Brown Egg Layer. They were commonly used for the production of brown eggs until they started going extinct. The American climate was becoming detrimental to them as they started dying. 

Currently, Dominique Brown Egg Layers still exist but they are few and scarce. The Barren Rock is used to replace Dominique Brown Egg Layers because both have similar physical appearances. 

The colors for Dominique Brown Egg Layers are black and white. 

Dominique Brown Egg 

The eggs from Dominique Brown Egg Layers are medium size and light brown. You can have 4 to 5 brown eggs per week from this chicken breed. 

Dominique chicken Character

If you're looking for a good forager with a gentle character, I Proudly present you with the Dominique Brown Egg Layers. They are also gentle. 

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10. Jersey Giant Chicken

Jersey Giant lays brown eggs

This chicken breed was discovered in Jersey and it is currently the Largest United States chicken breed. The colors for the Jersey Giant are black and white. 

Jersey Giant Chicken Eggs 

The eggs of the Jersey Giant chicken are large. Sometimes the large size differs in various locations. The eggs are brown in color. You can have about 4-5 eggs per week from this chicken breed. 

Jersey Giant chicken Characteristics 

Jersey Giant chickens are always calm and gentle. They are also active. 

11. Marans Brown egg layer 

The Marans brown eggs layer was first discovered in France in the 1800s. Currently, they are now foreign chickens that survive in almost every country.  They have two different colors and they are black and wheaten black. 

Marans Brown Eggs


The Marans brown egg layer has been discovered to produce the darkest brown eggs amongst the other brown eggs Layers. The eggs are also large in size. You can get about 3-4 eggs per day from this chicken breed. 

Marans Chicken Character

One good characteristic about this breed is that they are confinement-friendly. They don't mind being confined to a particular place. They are also Calm and active. 

In conclusion, the 11 best chickens laying brown eggs are not the only brown egg-laying chickens we have, they are other wonderful layers like the New Hampshire, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, etc.


Yellow yoke of a brown eggs

Brown eggs with its deep yellow yolk


1. Which Chicken lays small brown Eggs

Australorp Chicken and Rhode Island Red Chicken. These eggs have the smallest brown eggs. 

2. Which chicken lays large brown Eggs

Marans Chicken, Delware chicken, Brahma chicken, Sussex chicken, Golden Comet chicken, and Jersey Giant chicken. These eggs lay large brown eggs with Jersey Giant having the largest eggs. 

3. Are brown eggs healthier than white Eggs

The truth is, none is healthier than the other. Industrial poultry farmers prefer producing white Eggs for customization sake. 

4. What chicken lays chocolate brown Eggs 

Marans Chicken lays the darkest brown (Chocolate) eggs. 

5. What chicken lays speckled brown eggs 

Rhode Island Red Chicken lays shinny and sparkled brown eggs. 

You can share with us your best Brown egg chicken in the comment box below


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