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 Chickens that lay white eggs are identified by their white feathers or mixed/speckled with other colors. Their unique identity is their white ear lobes. This is the main difference between chickens that lays different egg color. Most of them are good layers that could lay between 250 to 300 eggs per year.

I believe you've seen different variations in the colors of eggs of which white Eggs are the most attractive ones.


You've also wondered how you can get these types of eggs and you must have been told that you actually have to breed a set of chickens that lays these eggs so you stumbled upon this page looking for the best chicken that lays white Eggs.


Before moving further to your main purpose of visiting this page, I'd like to let you know that you're on the right page. It contains the full list of the best chickens to breed if you want white Eggs. Along with the type of chicken to breed, it also contains several pieces of information on each I believe will be useful to you. Moreover, most of these white-laying chickens are also the best chickens for eggs for commercial purposes.


White Eggs have been considered the sweetest and most Profitable type of eggs. Selling white Eggs when your neighbors and fellow Poultry farmers are selling the brown type, means more sales for you and extra Profit.


You only need the best chicken breed to rear, get the white Eggs, sell and make your profit. It's that simple. So without further ado, let's get started with the first chicken breed.

1.Leghorn Chicken


This is the number one best chicken breed to get white Eggs from. It's not commonly seen in the market as it's a foreign chicken breed.


Leghorn Chicken initially originated in Rural Tuscany Italy and was first exported to American in 1828. Currently, you can find this breed in international markets, no matter your country.


There are various variations of Leghorn Chicken. There is blue, white, gold but the most common Leghorn Chicken is the white Leghorn Chicken.


It's quite funny how a lot of people believe the white Leghorn Chicken is the only type of Leghorn Chicken that produces white chickens. The truth is, all the types of Leghorn Chicken produce white Eggs. But the only type readily available and readily used to get white eggs is the white Leghorn Chicken.


Leghorn Eggs

The Leghorn Chicken lays large white eggs that are delicious to consume. The eggs are large and white. The good thing about Leghorn Chicken is the fact that they produce over 200 to 280 white eggs per year.  That means rearing Leghorn Chicken spells yearly profit for you.


Leghorn Personality

The only downside to this chicken breed is the low incubating capacity of the chicken. You need an external incubator for the eggs you want to hatch and breed.


One predominant characteristic of the leghorn chicken is its activeness. Unlike other breeds of chicken, they are always curious and want to wander off. You need to rear these breeds in a Poultry that is fenced.


Heat and cold

Heat: Leghorn Chicken can tolerate heat

Cold: They are not so good with cold temperatures. You need to apply Petroleum Jelly on their cons to prevent frostbite.

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2. Polish Chicken

This is the second-best chicken breed that produces white eggs. They have a huge bouffant crest of feathers covering their face and a v-shaped comb. One noticeable characteristic of this chicken breed is its aggressiveness. They are always aggressive and ready to peck at any time.


There are various color variations for polished Chicken and they include Bearded: Black Crested White, White Crested Black. Bearded & Non-Bearded: Golden, Silver, White, Buff Laced.


   Polish Eggs

Although Polish eggs are sweet and one of the hottest eggs in the market, the eggs laid are always small compared to the Leghorn chicken. On average Polish lays, about 100- 150 eggs per year, and the eggs are small.


Polish Personality

Aside from the aggressive nature of polish Chicken which is a result of its low vision, they are not broody like local chicken breeds.


They are also quiet and actually adapt very well to confinement. They have a low tendency of escaping or flying out of the poultry.


Heat and cold

Heat: They can survive and adapt to hot temperature

Cold: They are not good with cold temperatures.


3.Ancona Chicken


The third best white egg-producing chicken is Ancona. It's another best Italian foreign breed from the city of Ancona in Italy.


Ancona has a molten dark color with white spots scattered around its body. It has a red or rose Colored comb. They are two different colors of Ancona Chicken. Both can be differentiated with the aid of their comb difference. Some are rose in color while some are red.


Ancona Eggs

Ancona eggs are actually small in size but slightly bigger than Polish eggs but in size and quantity. You can have over 200- 220 eggs yearly from ancona Chicken.


The scarcity of ancona eggs makes it profitable for those that will have them for sale. They are delicious and in high demand in the market.


Ancona Personality and behavior

Ancona Chicken, just like other Italian chicken breeds, is always active and curious. They are skittish and always ready to fly.


If you don't want to lose your Ancona Chicken then you must have a large fence, one which the Ancona Chicken, no matter how hard they fly, won't be able to reach the top.


It will also be a plus to you if you know how to disable the wings without Harming the Ancona Chicken.


One thing you should remember is your purpose in rearing this type of Italian chicken. If it's solely for the white eggs then you can disable the wings. But if you'll still sell the Ancona Chicken, then I'll suggest you get a high fence instead of disabling its wings.


Ancona Chicken is also good forages and has good layers. Unlike the Italian Leghorn that requires an external incubator, you don't need any for the Ancona Chicken.


Heat and cold

Heat: They don't do very well in hot temperature

Cold: They adapt and survive in cold temperature



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 4. Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken


This breed is one of the most beautiful chickens with a unique feature. It holds its tail high regardless of the situation and environment.


This chicken breed was first found in the Nile valley. They are actually rare to find but very expensive to get the chicks and rare them into producing white Eggs.


They happen to be one of the fastest maturing chicken breeds. Fact and research show that they can mature very well at 4.5 to 5months.


The best part of this Chicken breed is its resistance capabilities. They can resist different diseases that tend to attack Poultry birds. An example of an irresistible disease is Marek's Disease.


Egyptian Fayoumis Eggs

The eggs are scarce and expensive. As a Poultry owner, you could make a lot of money just selling the white Eggs from Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken.


The eggs are small in size and in quantity. You can only have 100 eggs or 150 eggs per year depending on the environment and the chicken breed. But the good part here is the fact that the limited number greatly influences the price of the eggs.


Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken Behavior

Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken are always nervous, they are always comfortable in a large room, they are fliers too and you need to ensure your fence is too high for them.


They are also independent, tough, and good at avoiding predators.


Heat and cold

Heat: They can adapt and survive in the heat

Cold: They don't do very well in cold temperatures.


5. Hamburg Chicken

This chicken breed happens to be the topmost beautiful chicken. A story was once told about a competition on which poultry breed is the most beautiful among the others.


Guess what…? Hamburg Chicken happens to be among the breeds selected for the chicken display. And from my knowledge in regards Poultry birds, I'll proudly say that Hamburg Chicken won the competition.


Hamburg Eggs

Hamburg Eggs are small and glossy. They happen to be the smallest white Eggs on this list. Hamburg Chicken lays up to 150 to 200 white eggs each year.


Hamburg Chicken behavior

One noticeable downside of the chicken breed is the fact that they are self-centered. They are never ready to incubate new eggs till they are hatched. So if you want to have more Hamburg Chicken then you definitely need an external Incubator.


Heat and Cold

Heat: They survive very well in extremely hot temperature

Cold: They do survive in cold temperatures but in extreme cases, they hardly survive


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6. California White Chickens


California white chicken is a prolific commercial hybrid that lays a lot of large white eggs. California White chicken is a crossbreed between a white leghorn rooster and a rare California Grey Chicken.  California Grey chicken is not used for commercial purposes because they lay a very large egg.


They have a large comb which, weighs up to 4-4.5 pounds. This white chicken lays egg after 16-17 weeks of age.



California white Chicken Egg


These prolific layers lay about 280-300 white large eggs per year. They are poor sitters, so you should consider securing an incubation for egg hatching.


California White Behavior


If nurtured from a young they are quite tame otherwise they can be a bit flighty and wary of humans.  

California white chickens are well adaptable to a wide range of climates and love to free-range.


Heat and Cold Tolerance

Heat: strive well in the heat

Cold: It is cold hardy


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 7. Andalusian


The Andalusian is quite an ancient breed, originated in Andalusia in Spain, so a lot of its history is not that well known.

The Andalusian Chicken is one among few chicken breeds that lay large size white eggs.  They are threatened because a few are left. Consequently, hobbyists bred this breed in order to preserve them.

They have an appreciable all-around quality of chicken. Their beautiful features make it an excellent show bird, they lay a good amount of eggs per annual, they are a friendly chicken and are also a good table chicken.


Andalusian Chickens’ Egg

Prolific layers that lay consistently all year round. They lay large white eggs up to 160 annually. They hit a point of lay at five months.



Andalusian Chicken Behaviour

The hens do not become too broody although they will brood for a while.

They love to forage in delight, you can not deny them that. They make a good show bird and a wonderful pet.

They will serve your organic garden a lot of nutritious fertilizer fresh tasty vegetables and spices. Andalusian chicken is friendly and a great companion.



Andalusian Heat and Cold

Heat: Does better in the heat

Cold: Not cold hardy.



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