How To Star a Profitable Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

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Layer Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the oldest farming businesses in the country. With agriculture being one of the core sectors in the country, certainly layer poultry farming is one of the most interesting farming businesses in the country.

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Layer poultry is simply an agricultural process that involves the large production of eggs for commercial sales. In order words, poultry farming mainly involves producing a large number of eggs from poultry birds known as layers, for sales to make a profit. It worth mentioning that layer poultry farming is meant to be profitable.

As of 2018, it was estimated that Poultry production in Nigeria suffices up to 454 billion tonnes of meat and 3.8 million eggs yearly, with an estimated population of birds ar 180 million according to the Food And Agricultural Organization Of The United State (FAO).

Due to the high demand for information on layer poultry farming in Nigeria, I have carefully written this post, explaining in detail how you can start this business in Nigeria.

I will take you through; the estimated cost of starting, how profitable layer poultry farming is, the challenges and benefits of layer poultry farming amongst other important information needed for you to start and make it profitable. With this guide, you will be better equipped to carry out basic decisions towards having a profitable layer of poultry farming in Nigeria. Remember the main goal here is to make a profit.

Cost Of Starting Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Starting a new business such as poultry farming seems to cost quite a lot but it largely depends on the scale of production you want. Do you want it large or small? Do you want to produce the eggs in large quantities? Asking yourself these basic questions could go a long way in determining how much capital you need to start your layer poultry farming in Nigeria.

In drawing up a start-up cost, let make use of a small-scale layer of poultry farming. This certainly will require a smaller amount of capital, with quite good returns. As low as N50,000 will suffice for you to start a small-scale poultry farm. This will cover the basic cost of getting the chick and their feeds. With this, a 100% return is guaranteed within the next 5 months of rearing the birds. Only a few businesses require such low capital investment with a high return, and certainly layer poultry farming is one of such businesses.

Profitability Of Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

As with every business venture, making a profit is the major goal. Layer birds are quite profitable if of course managed well. A healthy and well-fed layer bird should start producing eggs from 5 to 6 months of its age. But before this process actualizes, proper care needs to be given to the birds.

One Layer bird produces for approximately 6 to 8 months, averaging a minimum of 1 egg every day, provided proper care is given to it. Therefore, starting with about 10,000 birds, where each produces at least 1 egg a day, you surely can only imagine how much profit you'd make in 24 hours.

Eggs arranged paper crates

There is a ready market available for your egg produce, your local stores, eateries, restaurant, schools, hotels and so much more. With a large available market, it only makes it more profitable as you are sure of getting the eggs sold for profit. In no time you'd get back your investment with good returns. 

Challenges Of Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Despite numerous advances in the technique and method of rearing poultry birds, there are still few challenges that layer poultry owners face. It is therefore important you know these challenges before starting yours so that you will be better informed and equipped. Some of the major challenges layer poultry farmers in Nigeria face include;

• Disease outbreak which could lead to loss of all birds. This certainly is still a challenge to this present day. Although poultry disease varies from country to country, with little research on vaccines, these diseases still pose to be a great threat to the lives of the birds. Ensure you use a standard vaccination schedule during vaccination

• Lack of a clean and stable supply of water could be a real challenge to the growth of poultry farming, Most areas in the country are not accessible to clean waters.

• High cost of feed can also be a great challenge as the country has failed to research more alternative rescues for creating the birds feed.

• Poor funding of research institutes by the government. These institutions research a possible vaccine for farm diseases, but due to poor funding by the government, the institute has become obsolete and inadequate to help farmers fight against bird diseases.

• Adulteration of poultry feed due to scarce or limited resources used in producing suitable feeds.

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Benefits Of Layer Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Layer Poultry farming in Nigeria has a lot of benefits which makes it quite an attractive and lucrative business to venture into. To achieve these benefits, the birds need to be well taken care of. The following are few benefits of starting and owning a larger poultry business in Nigeria.

• Layer poultry farming provides high returns on capital investment within months.

• Low capital investment based on the scale of production you want.

• To be a poultry farmer requires just a little space to start. You can start from your backyard.

• Another great benefit of starting layer poultry farming in Nigeria is the lucrative nature of the business. You get your returns within a short period.

• Minimum equipment is needed and so the cost of maintenance would be low too.

• One great benefit is the high demand for eggs in the country. Many sectors and industries make use of eggs, making the demand high.

• Another beneficial factor is the provision of employment opportunities in various sectors of poultry farming.

• Easy access to loans and funds due to the lucrative nature of the business.

• Returns on investment are quite fast, making the business one a lot of people can't resist but go into. In 5 to 6 months you'd get double your investment capital if done well.

• Marketing your egg production is very easy, as you just need for a starter, words of mouth to make sales.

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Layer poultry farming in Nigeria has much more benefit which makes the business very attractive and lucrative to start. Succeeding in this business is quite easy, provided you do what's required. Below are well-detailed steps you can take today to start your very own profitable layer poultry farming in Nigeria.

Steps to start layer poultry farming in Nigeria. 

1. Choose An Area Of Speciality

The first thing you need to do is to choose the certain species of layer bird you want to rear. You have to make sure you go for the best if you truly want effective results. Yes, it might cost you more but certainly, the returns will be worth it.

2. Set Up Your Business Plan

Before taking any further steps, you need to write up your business plan. Doing this will at the earlier stage will keep you right on track always. It is like having a map of where you want to locate it, it becomes very easy as you are with the guide always. So set up that business plan today.

3. Research More On Layer Poultry Farming

Going into a business such as layer poultry farming would require you to get maximum information before making any decision. This post is simply more like a basic guide, you need to carry out extensive research on your own. Make sure you know all that needs to know before starting your poultry business. Get information on

 What type of bird to choose

 The food they eat

• How to care for the birds

4. Get A Suitable Area Ready 

The space or land in use for your poultry farm is very important, as it can determine the success of this business. You need to find a place that is suitable for you and the animals. It can be a small space like cages or piece of land with fenced shelter for the birds. Whichever you choose to go with, you need to ensure they are suitable for both you and the birds.

5. Get The Required pieces of equipment

Now, you need to get the required equipment if your poultry farm. There is likely not much equipment needed for this business you will need a cage and the feeding equipment for the birds. When it comes to cages, two types of cages can be made depending on the species of bird you want to rear. We have;

 Battery cage and 

 Deep litter cage.

For layer poultry farming in Nigeria, you should go with the battery cage, as it is most suitable for layers birds. Then you will need to get feeding equipment for the birds, and also the bird feeds itself. You can simply check around your local area where you can get the bird feed supplied to you.

Concentrated feeds are more advisable, as it makes the layer bird grow much faster and bigger, making it ready to producing eggs for you. You might as well go with other types of feeds based on the research you've done so far. Whichever you go with, you need to ensure they are suitable for birds.

Eggs of different colours

6. Get The Layer Birds

If you've done all that has been said so far, it now time you bring in the birds for business. Getting the layer birds should quite seem less and east provided you know what species you want. With the right information, you can simply get supplied fresh and healthy birds. With their cage well equipped, the birds should feel comfortable in their new environment. This allows them to settle in faster and start producing with time.

Layer poultry farming might seem easy, but one wrong step could be all that's needed for things to go south. You need to constantly care for the birds by;

• Cleaning their cage every day

• Changing their feed and water daily

• Getting a good poultry farm doctor

• Protection them from external attack from snakes and other likely threats 

There certainly is much more you need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Again one wrong move or neglect could make you lose all your birds. Keep your birds healthy, and you'd get the needed results.

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7. Market Your Eggs

Within months, your birds should start producing eggs if you have done the needful. At 18 to19 weeks, your layer bird should start producing eggs and likely keep producing till 72 to 78 weeks of its age.

This might seem great but Your goal is half completed, yes, it's get fully completed when those eggs are converted to money. Remember, the definition given at the intro of this post? Yes, layer poultry farming in Nigeria should be done to make a profit, since of course, it is a business.

You need to starting marketing your eggs for profit. You could visit shops in your area, market and other outlets where you could supply your eggs to them regularly. You need to also spread through word of mouth about your business, advertising is also a great option if you'd ask me. Whatever marketing strategy you know should be applied right here. You need to sell those eggs for profit. So, market your eggs and make a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Is layer poultry farming a good business?

Answer: Layer poultry farming might be a tedious and risky business if not done properly, but certainly it is one of the most lucrative businesses you can venture into this 2021. If you start today, you can get your returns within 5 to 6 months.

Question: How many eggs can a layer produce per day

Answer: Layer are mainly created for egg production, one layer is meant to start producing eggs after 5 to 6 months of proper feeding and care. On average, one layer will lay 1 egg every 22 hours of its active egg-laying lifespan.

Question: How long will it take a layer to start producing eggs.

Answer: It takes a layer at most 18 weeks to start producing eggs. A good feed layer can start producing from 10 weeks old, other factors could be environment, breed, and medication. When they start laying eggs, they produce an average of 1 egg per day.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, we hope this post has been useful to you in your journey to having a layer poultry farm in Nigeria. This post provides the basic information needed to start a layer of poultry farming business in Nigeria. It is largely left to you to get make more research and get more information before you start the business.

Layer poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative and high return business you can venture into now and get high profit from. It worth mentioning that, as with any other business venture, owning a layer poultry farm comes with its own risk. These risks of course could lead to great loss. Nonetheless, if you have done well, that would result in a lot of profit. Certainly, your goal is achieved. Cheers!

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