10 ways to sell and market your broiler chickens fast that are proven to work

Posted by: Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 years, 6 months ago/ (27 comments)

In selling or marketing your broiler chickens, you have to explore all possible means, you don’t depend on one channel least you get stranded. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you should always give priority to marketing than production- never underestimate the power of marketing.

7-week old broiler with an average weight of 2.5kg

Speaking of marketing, it was on a cool evening during my Q&A session with my audience when a lady chatted me up complaining about how she finds it difficult to sell her broiler chickens of 9 months, that if I can help her with a buyer, and I told her I will get back to her, which I did, but things didn’t work out fine and she had to transport her birds back because the offer was poor.

She obviously, ran into loss considering the transportation fee alone, which is about ₦10,000.

The lady in question made a major mistake which is putting production first before marketing. So, to avoid similar situations you have to explore all possible means of selling your broiler chickens before any production, especially during festive periods like Christmas, Easter, Sallah, and Thanksgiving.

In this post, I am going to share with you 10 ways to sell and market your broiler chickens that are proven to work.

1. Attain the expected weight in Your broiler chickens: 

7-weeks. 2.7kg broiler

Attaining the expected weight in your broiler chicken is the first step you have to take from day one to ensure you have profitable sales. Your broiler chickens should meet the expectations of your prospective customer in terms of weight, height, and neatness.

If your broiler chicken is neat with an attractive weight and height, it can pull a potential customer from your competitor to your store. This is one of my secrets in selling my broiler chickens very fast. Customers love neat and graceful chicken irrespective of the size.

How do I attain the expected weight in my broiler chicken?

For you to attain the expected weight you have to know what the expected weights are. In this case, you will need a broiler expected weight chart per week to enable you to monitor the growth progress of your broiler chickens, then together with good management practices, medication, and quality feed and with plenty of clean water.

Besides, make ensure you harness the genetic potential (Fast growth rate) of your broiler chickens within the first 7-days for optimal growth.

And again, to crown your effort, make sure you change your litter regularly to attain that perfect neat white feathers in your broiler with a touch of red comb and wattle, which will melt the heart of your prospective customers.

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2. Locate your target market and customers before production:  

 Putting production first before marketing is a mistake that is common among small or backyard poultry farmers, especially during broiler production. Putting production first without locating your prospective buyer and market is a move that will leave you stranded.-have it in mind that broiler is a fast-growing chicken.

My dear poultry farmers ensure you locate your market and prospective customers and buyers before you start any production. You can visit schools, restaurants, hotels, etc. Present your proposal to them, and give them reasons why they should buy from you.

These reasons should be based on your background check on what your prospective customer prefers-some may prefer soft meat while others may prefer hard and mature meat. Just make sure your reasons and offers are convincing and attractive enough to pull the deal through.

However, not all deal will pull off, but I assure you consistency is the key, one day they are going to give you a call. I have seen this happened several times.

3. Market and sell your broiler chicken via social media. 

A smartphone displaying several social media Apps

Social media is no doubt the fastest medium to sell and market your product or brand in this 21 century.

The number of people using social media daily is increasing drastically. Social medial statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. That equates to about 45% of the current population. (Emarsys, 2019).

So tell me, why should you be left out? Why not join the moving train and enjoy the endless possibilities in the social media platform. It has a very low entry, you don’t have to pay much to use it.

All you need is just a smartphone, and you can get a good one as low as ₦20,000 (53$). Then proceed to sign up with several social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsup, Linkedin, etc.

Social media is growing in terms of its impact and effectiveness, and statistics have attested that 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. (Globalwebindex, 2019).

More buyers are engaging in social media networks and looking for reviews and recommendations. This is the more reason you should have an online presence on several social medial platforms. The point is to find out which social medial platform your target market is using most often and plan how to leverage it.

4. Process your broiler chicken and sell

 If you have the resources and labor, you will make more profit when you process and sell your broiler chicken. This method is also useful in a situation where you cannot find a potential buyer at hand and you cannot afford to keep feeding your broiler. However, processing it is not enough, you have to let people know about it as well.

Take neat pictures of your processed chicken meat, make a video, and place them on social medial, you will be surprised at the outreach and response you will get.

This is the best time in Nigeria to process you broiler chicken since the government has placed a ban on imported processed chickens. 

The Coordinator of natnudO Foods’ Broiler Out grower Scheme tagged natnuPreneur, Mr. Gbolade Adewole, has disclosed that only 30% of chicken consumed in Nigeria every year is produced locally.

He also added that as a result of the production deficit in the chicken market, Nigeria loses close to ₦600 billion to chicken importation and smuggling in addition to the dreadful health implication of consuming imported chicken.

You and I can have our share from the billion being lost to chicken importation and smuggling if the government can support the poultry farmers and make sure the chicken importation and smuggling are properly checked.

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5. Take advantage of the festive season:  

If you are a small scale farmer, office worker, or trader, this method is basically for you. This is because as a worker or trader, you might not have that full time to market your product as a full-time poultry farmer to make an appreciable profit, but you can leverage on the festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, Sallah, etc.

Because during the festive season, demand is normally high and buyers are readily available, even in your neighborhood, you can easily find enough buyers for your broiler chickens.

All you have to do is to order for your broiler chicks 2 to 3 months before the festive period. If you are skilled at brooding, you can order for day-old chicks or better still order for 3 weeks old if you haven’t brood before.

And again, let out words to your neighbor, colleagues, family, and friends, tell them about your poultry business and you be surprised at how much they will patronize you. 

6. Use middlemen to sell your broiler chickens: 

 If you want to sell your chickens fast make use of middlemen, but they take most of the profits. Middlemen buy in bulk and can sell directly to consumers or other sub-middlemen like the retailers. On the other hand, if you want to make more profit you can have your retail outlet where you can sell directly to consumers. 

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7. Selling on an E-commerce platform. 

Uber is a popular E-commerce platform

This is another way of increasing your online presence since the market is now going digital. An E-commerce platform is a third party market place where anything can be sold. However, there is a competitor, especially for products that fall into certain categories, although, the chicken category has a fair competition compare to other categories.

An E-commerce platform is a great way to sell your broiler chickens if you don’t have an appreciable start-up budget. These are free to join and they earn their money by keeping a certain percentage of each transaction.

One thing you are going t to enjoy from this site is the traffic that these large platforms already enjoy and also take advantage of any payment protection policies, technical troubleshooting, or medical services that may be offered. Examples of some E-commerce in Nigeria include Afrimash, tad farm, Uber, Agromarket, Jiji.ng –livestock/poultry. Join one today and increase your sale and online presence.


8. Make use of home delivery services:

Who doesn’t love home delivery service? it saves a lot of time and energy. There are some categories of people who need such services. You have to locate them and present your proposal. Give them reasons why they need your service, and I tell you, if you do your job very well it will be difficult for them to reject your proposal.

Most of these people are too busy to go to the market, and they will be glad to have you serve them. Example of such people is bankers, civil servants, businessmen, and women, in fact in general, those people whose work premises is far away from the market and who find it stressful to go to the market.

You can even extend your services to physically challenged or sick people who cannot go to the market to buy chicken meat. 

9. Give free products to influencers and charity homes

This method is more suitable for established farmers. This method works all the time. It is one of my best ways of reaching potential customers. Periodically you can give free products to influencers around your farm area, like the traditional ruler, principal, women leader, etc.

You can also be charitable to the less privileged like motherless babies’ homes, the sick and the poor, school, etc. These groups of people will put in a good word about your good deeds, which will indirectly increase the visibility of your business. Do this and watch your business grow.

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10. Sell your broiler chicken in a larger market

Don’t limit yourself to your community market. Most of the time customers in your locality will tend to price your chicken below cost price and in the end, you will be at their mercy and be forced to sell.

So, to avoid such a situation you have to look for a larger market bigger than your supply, such that even 1%-5% of the market buy from you should be able to make enough profit.

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Kenneth 3 years, 6 months ago

It's been a very helpful guide.

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