Cost Of Raising 200 Layers In Nigeria With Profit Amount

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    The Nigerian poultry industry has grown steadily since the ban on poultry imports in 2003. The industry is estimated at ₦80 billion ($600 million) and is comprised of approximately 165 million birds which produced 650, 000 MT of eggs and 290,000 MT of poultry meat in 2013. Poultry keeping is one of the most profitable businesses in the Nigerian agricultural sub-sectors.  

However, high input costs have caused flock expansion to effectively ceased, especially the high cost of poultry feeds and day-old chick (DOC).

Despite the high input costs, you can maximize your profits with proper marketing strategies, poultry management, and feasibility study on costs and profits. The feasibility study will not only serve as a template for a good saving plan but also a guide on your expenditures


My students and I in layers pen for morning duties

Here, I am will walk you through a cost/profit estimate for rearing 200 layers in Nigeria. The first stage will be on

  • Cost amount for 200 layers, and second stage on
  • Profit amount from 200 layers.

Get a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator let get down to business.


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How much does it cost to rear 200 layers in Nigeria?

Let assume you have a structure already in place, and the manpower/labour for this number of birds will be done by you and your family. 

These are the major expenses:

1. 200 day old chick (DOC) at ₦350 = ₦70,000

2. 2 pieces of plywood for making a brooder =₦3000

3. 2 bags of charcoal for heating the brooder at ₦3,000 =₦6,000

4. 1 brooding charcoal burner at ₦5,400 =₦5,400

5. How many bags of chick-mash feed for 200 layers?


 1 chick feeds 45gms of chick-mash per day

         Therefore 200 chicks feed 45gms x 200 chicks = 9000gms

           1000gms = 1kg

           Therefore 9000gms = 9.0kg 

      Chick-mash is fed to chicken for 60 days

      Therefore 60 days x 9.0kgs =540kgs

      1 bag = 25kgs which = ₦ 5,305

      21.6bags = 540kgs = ₦ 114,588


CHICKMASH for 60 days (21.6bags) = ₦ 114,588

From left to right: mash, crumble, and pellet feed for layers

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How many bags of grower will feed 200 layers?

1 pullet feeds 70gms of grower-mash per day

 200 pullets feed 70gms x 200 chicks = 14000gms

                       1000gms = 1kg 

Therefore 14000gms = 14kg

Grower mash is fed to chicken up to point of lay (POL)

POL is approximated to be day 120 

Day 120 end of grower mash – Day 60 end of chick-mash = 60 days

Therefore 60 days x 14gks = 840kgs

1 bag = 25kg which = ₦ 4,900

33.6bags =840kgs ₦ 164,640


Growermash for 60 days (33.6 bags) =   ₦164,640

Approximately 37 bags of grower will feed 200 layers for 60 days


How many bags of layer mash will feed 200 layers?

I pullet feeds 90gms to 105gms of layer-mash per day

90gms at the start of laying and 105gms at maximum

  Laying on average (90 + 105)gms/2 =97.5gms

Therefore, 200 pullets feed 97.5gms x 200 pullet = 19,500gms

             1000gms = 1kg

Therefore 19,500gms = 19.5kg

Layers mash is fed to chicken up to menopause (week 72 or day 504)

 POL is approximated to be day 120 

Day 504 (end of layers mash ) – Day 120 ( start of layers mash ) = 384 days

Therefore 384days x 19.5kg = 7,488kg

   1 bag = 25kg = ₦5,465

299.52bags =7,488kg ₦ 1,636,876.8

  Cost for  LAYERSMASH for 384 days =₦ 1,636,876.8

Approximately 300 bags of grower will feed 200 layers for 384 days days

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6. Vaccine cost for 200 layers

 200 doses of Newcastle Disease(ND) IB Lasota strain =₦ 850

200 doses of ND Lasota plain = ₦ 1400

200 doses of Gumboro =₦ 1,400

200 doses of intermediate Gumboro =₦ 1,000

200 doses of fowl pox = ₦ 400

The total cost of vaccines =₦ 5,050

Ocular vaccination of DOC

7.  Cost for Vitamins and Antibiotics for 200 Layers

  • Vitamino trace oral = ₦3,800
  • Alamycin spray ( for open wound especially during cannibalism 100ml = ₦760
  • 2 litres Dewormer (50ml per 20 litres of water) = ₦3000
  • Alicerlyle 2kg ( for gastrointestinal infection prevention and multivitamins )= ₦1,000 


The total cost of Vitamins and Antibiotics =₦8,560


8.Cost for Feeder and Drinker for 200 layers

10 feeders at ₦1,500 /feeder 5kg = ₦15,000

10 drinker at ₦230/drinker = ₦2,300

Total cost for feeders and drinkers = ₦17,300

Total expenses = Cost for DOC + plywood + charcoal burner (Jiko) +Chickmash + Growermash + Layermash + Vaccines + Vitamins and Antibiotics + Feeders and drinkers

Total Cost = ₦ (70,000 3,000 + 6,000 + 5,400 + 114,588+ 164,680 +1,636,876.8 +5,050 + 8,560 + 17,300 ) =₦ 2,031,454.8 

Kindly note that these are the major costs. The majority are capital costs, meaning they shall not be incurred in subsequent production.

Moreover, you can cut down costs if you can improvise some of this equipment and materials like cartoons, wood shavings, feeders, and even drinkers too. 

In total you need at least =₦ 2,031,454.8

You do not need all this cash at a go to start; you may even need a quarter. So don’t be scared by the huge sum of money ok, just start before you know it you see yourself overcoming the challenges. Start Now!

 Ok, enough of these ‘spending’ talks, it is time to smile. Let talk about profits

Part 2: Profit Amount from 200 layers


What is the Profit Amount from 200 Layers in Nigeria?

Note: In part one we estimated the cost of rearing 200 layers up to week 72. Here our profit margins shall be as well up to 72 weeks.

Let get down to it:

A bird starts laying between week 18 and week 22.

From week 18 and week 22, the cumulative egg per bird is approximated to be 329 eggs

 Remember not all birds will survive to week 72.

Therefore cumulative mortality at week 72 is assumed to be 4% when all factors are held optimum.

Thus cumulative mortality shall be, 200 x 4/100 = 8

Total laying birds = 200 – 8 = 192

Total eggs = 192 x 329 = 63,168eggs

     1egg = ₦50

Therefore 63,168 x 50 = ₦3,158,400

Year 1 (profit) 

Total Sales – Total Cost = Profit

 (3,158,400 – 2,031,454.8 )= ₦1, 126,945.2

Profit Amount from 200 layers = ₦1,126,945.2

That is a huge sum of money, despite the high input, especially from feeds. However, as I stated earlier, you can cut down your expenses by improvising some of this equipment from cheaper materials. 

You can also formulate your feed to cut down your expenses to at least 30% or 40%, which is the main cause of high input in poultry farming. Again, you can also make extra profit and take care of other minor expenses after selling them off as old layers. 

I am wishing you a profitable production as you venture into egg production.

Please, comment and share with family and friends.

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Agricmania 8 months, 1 week ago

In what way can one be able to sell eggs at 50 naira each looking at the quantity from 200 birds daily.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 8 months, 1 week ago

The selling of eggs depends on the sizes, your cost of production, and the market price. So, one could go for #1500 in my area, a large size weighing between 50 to 70g.
Divide 1500 by 30 you get 50 naira per egg. And retailers do sell 60 naira per egg.

with proper management, you can get 192 eggs daily, which is about 6 and a half crates. So you can make about #9600 daily, which is still cool. I hope I was able to answer your [email protected]

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Chioma Michelle 8 months, 1 week ago

Wonderful... really learnt a lot..

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 8 months, 1 week ago

I am glad you did..., Chioma

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Oluwasegun Afolabi 8 months, 1 week ago

Good but can you send the link to me and you did not put in sales of old layers

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Amoo olayinka 8 months, 1 week ago

Excellent quotation, it's very relevant

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 8 months ago

you are welcome Amoo

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Ola Elias 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi Samuel,
Plsease, how long does the layers stays in the brooder before moving to the coop?

Link | Reply

Samuel Ezenwankwo 7 months, 3 weeks ago

1-6 weeks. Thanks for reading.

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Rifkatu Nyako 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Good one pls send to my email

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Tayo 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Great article
Pls can you help me with cost of pen construction for the 200 birds and how many plot of land is required?

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Tayo 7 months, 3 weeks ago

This is a great article
Pls can you help with the cost of pen construction and including land size required?

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Thanks for reading Tayo. Message me @ [email protected].

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Sandra ozah 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Interesting materials. Pls how many months or year can the bird lay before there are sold off as spent layers. God bless you.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 7 months, 2 weeks ago

A year and a half (18 months).

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Emeka Williams 7 months ago

Hello Samuel.

You did a marvelous job in deconstructing the topic.

It also came at a most opportuned time for me.

Thanks a lot.

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Mueka,Bariledum 6 months, 1 week ago

I really enjoyed reading your article.thanks.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 6 months, 1 week ago

Is my pleasure, Bariledum.

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Comment awaiting approval 5 months, 2 weeks ago

chukwugozie 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Hello Mr. Samuel,
I read all the useful information from you and i want to say a big thank you. Please, help me with the estimated cost of pen construction for three hundred birds. Would 1 plot of land be good for that? i will really appreciate it if you can send the info via email address ([email protected]). I will also appreciate it if you would add your phone number so as to contact you. Thanks a bunch for your anticipated cooperation.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 5 months, 2 weeks ago

I am glad you find my contents useful. I will contact you.

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Fatiti 5 months ago

Just what I need to start up....
Thank you sooo much.
Pls can I get your contact and so as to ask more questions as a newbie and also, is it possible to get this emailed to me?
Thank you sooooo much...
God bless you.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 5 months ago

You are welcome, Fatiti. I will contact you.

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Israel OSESANMI 5 months ago

Well done! Can you please give me your contact. I want to go for 200 birds.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 5 months ago

Thanks, I will contact you.

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Bibian 3 months, 3 weeks ago

You did a nice job. Please how many types of feed do layers need and what is the duration of giving each type.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 months ago

Thanks for reading.

Chick mash first 60 days

Grower mash, another 60 day.

Layers' mash, point of lay till they out of lay. About a year plus.

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Tony 3 months ago

Having gone through many quotations,yours is d best in terms of clarity,with your analysis all I need to do is to find out d current prices of items & use it to compute.
Compare DOC & POL will it be cheaper to raise from doc to POL?or POL direct?

Link | Reply

Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 months ago

I am glad you find it helpful.

Talking of DOC and POL, both have their pros and cons.

If you have the knowledge and time for Brooding, you can go for DOC, otherwise, you go for POL, but make sure you have their medications history up to date.

In general, just get a healthy and quality bird from a reputable vendor.

Wishing you the best.

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Babarunde 2 months ago

From week 18 and week 22, the cumulative egg per bird is approximated to be 329 eggs
Pls Sir, i need more explanations on these.
To a lame man like me, i believe an egg per birds in a day. Invairably 200 birds lay 200 Eggs.

Thanks sir i look forward to ur reply

I really found these write up insightful

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 months ago

329 is the average total number of eggs a bird will lay starting from 18 or 22 weeks to 72 weeks

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