Cost For Rearing 100 Broilers In Nigeria with The Profit Amount (Update 2023)

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If you want to get your return of investment (ROI)  fast in the poultry business, then broiler is the right bird for you, and it does not cost much to start up. Broilers are mainly rear for meat production, which take a minimum of 6 weeks to get to a marketable size with weights between 1.5kg to 3kg.

At 2013, the Nigeria, poultry industry was estimated to produce 290,000 metric tonnes of meat, and the local demand for frozen chicken is about 2 million metric tonnes leaving a wide gap of more than 1.7 million metric tonnes.

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So, why don’t you fill a bit of that gap and make huge money for yourself? Of course, I know you want to, or else you will not be reading this post right now.

 However, most beginners find it difficult to start unless they have an idea or estimate of what they need. So, in this post, I am going to give you a current estimated cost for rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria with the profit amount.

6 weeks broiler chickens

How much does it cost to rear 100 broilers in Nigeria?

Let's assume you have a structure already in place manpower, and labor will be done by you and your family.

These are the key expenses:

1. 100-day old chicks (DOC) at ₦850 during season and ₦350 at normal time.  average is 300 +800/2 = 600x100 =₦ 60,000

2. 1 piece of 1 plywood for making brooder = ₦3000

3. 1 bag of charcoal for heating the brooder = ₦7,000

4. 1 charcoal burner (Jiko) = ₦4,000

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5. How many bags feeds do I need to rear 100 broilers in 8 weeks?

The table below feed showed the age, expected body weight, and cumulative feed intake for male and female broilers.

We shall use it to estimate the quantity of feed 100 broiler chicks will consume at various weeks.

Some farmers give their broiler grower, but I don’t give mine grower mash. I only give starter mash for 4 weeks, then finisher till marketable size at 6 to 8 weeks.

a.  How many bags of starter mash will 100 broilers consume in four (4) weeks?

So, from the table; 


At 4 weeks a bird will consume between 2020g for male and 1825g for female.

Average = (2020 + 1825)g/2 =1922.5g


 1 chick feed 

1922.5g of starter mash at 4 weeks

100 chicks feed 192250g of starter mash at 4 weeks

1000g = 1kg

Therefore 192250g =192.25kg

25kg =I bag=₦8,300

192.25kg =7.69 bags  =₦ 63,827

So, for the first 4 weeks, 100 broilers will consume 7.69 bags of starter mash worth ₦63,827

b. How many bags of finisher mash will 100 broilers consume in four (5 to 8weeks) weeks?- assuming I am targeting 8 weeks


From the table above, the cumulative feed for male and female broiler at week 8 is 7400g and 6800 respectively

Average = (7400 + 6800)g/2= 7100g

Cumulative feed intake from 5 to 8 weeks = cumulative feed intake at 8 weeks minus (-) cumulative feed intake at 4 weeks (7100 – 1922.5)g = 5177.5g

1 broiler chicken will feed 5177.5g from 5 to 8 weeks

100 broiler chickens will feed 517750g from 5 to 8 weeks

1000g = 1kg


25kg = 1 bag = ₦ 8,600

517.75kg=20.71 bags=₦178,106

100 broiler chickens will consume 20.71 bags of finisher at ₦178,106

Total cost for feed =( 63,827 + 178,106) ₦ = ₦241,933

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6.  Cost of Vaccine for rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria

  • 100 doses of NCD (Lasota) at day 1, day 14, and day 28 (₦800 x 3) ₦2,400. 100 doses of Gumboro= ₦1000

Vaccine in totality = (2,400 + 1000)₦ = ₦3400

Intramuscular vaccination

7. Vitamins and Antibiotics

  • 2 Vitalite packs (vitamin) = 2 x ₦2,000 =₦ 4,000
  • 2 Amaxicox ( antibiotics) = 2 x ₦1,800 = ₦3,600
  • 1Doxygen (antibiotics ) = ₦ 4,000
  • 1 Maxiyield (multivitamins) = ₦ 800

Total Vitamin and Antibiotics =(4,000 + 3,600 + 4000 + 800) ₦ =  ₦12,400



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8  Feeders and Drinkers

  • 5 feeders @ ₦1700/feeder =₦ 8,500
  • 5 tray feeders @ 600 = 3000

Kindly note that here I mean a tube feeder.

They have a ratio of 1: 10


  • 5  small drinkers @ 600/drinker = ₦3,000
  • 5 big drinker @1200/drinker = ₦6000


  • 10 bags of Wood shavings bags @200 = ₦2,000


Total = (8,500 + 3000 + 3000+6000+2000) ₦ = ₦22, 500


The total cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria is;

Total Cost = (DOT + Plywood + Charcoal + Charcoal burner + Starter feed + Finisher feed + Vaccine + Vitamin and Antibiotics + Feeder , Drinker , and Wood shavings)


Total Cost = ( 60,000 + 3000 + 7,000 + 4,000 + 63,827 + 241,933 +3,400 +12,400 + 22500)₦ = ₦418,060


Kindly note that these are the major costs. The majority are capital costs, meaning they shall not be incurred in subsequent production.


In total, you need at least ₦418,060  to rear 100 broiler chicks for 8 weeks.

And cost of feed is over 70%, which is one the biggest challenges in poultry farming in recent time

You do not need all this cash at a go to start a broiler farm, maybe you even need a quarter to start. Start now!




Modern broiler farm

Profit Amount From Rearing 100 Broilers in Nigeria 

 So How much profit do I expect from 100 broiler chickens?

To get the profit amount you have to get the cost of rearing one bird. To get this you divide the total cost by the total number of chicks =₦ 418060/100 =₦4180.6

 Therefore, the cost of rearing one bird is ₦4180.6


Next, is to decide how much profit you should add to your cost per bird. To do this, without getting stranded in the course of selling your bird, you have to know the market prices of various sizes/weights of broiler chickens in the market.

Last year December, the market price (in my area) of birds between 2kg and 3kg at week was sold as follow;

  • Male broilers were sold between ( 5500 and7000)₦. 
  • Female broiler was sold between (4500 and 5,500)

Average Price = 4500  +5500 + 5500 +7000/4 =₦5625


Since the ideal market price is ₦5625, So let's assume you will sell your bird between ₦ 5000 and ₦7000

Your average price will be 5000 +7000/2 =₦6000

So, you will be selling one bird @ ₦6000


Last december 2022,  I sold The Above chicken sizes between 6000 to 7000

Remember not all birds will survive to week 8. Therefore, cumulative mortality at week 8 is assumed to be 4% when all factors are held optimum. Thus cumulative mortality shall be

100 x4/100 = 4

Total surviving birds =100-4 = 96

Total sales= ₦6000 x96 = ₦576,000




 (576,000 – 418,060)₦ =₦ 158,540

The profit amount from rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria is ₦ 158,540

Note: The  cost of items, feed and drugs where real prices I bought them in my state last December. Cost of production may slightly differ from one region to another. But in my own opinion the profit was not as huge as last years', It is quit poor considering the cost and time invested .

Obviously, it was the hike of feed price that reduced the profit, while there is little increase in price

I would be glad if you can share your opinion or experience on this... Thanks



Nevertheless, you can make huge profit regardless the feed price, with good  management, marketing, and reinvesting strategies. It is just a matter of time you will see your flock expanding to thousands.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How many bags of feed will 100 broilers consume?

From our calculation above, 100 broilers will consume 8 bags approximately for the first 4 weeks, and consume 20 bags approximately from week 5 to week 8. Giving us a total of 28 bags

100 broilers will consume approximately 28 bags in 8 weeks.


How long does it take a broiler to mature?

The maturity of broilers depends on so many factors including breed, gender, management, etc. But if everything is kept at optimum, the broiler will get mature from 6 weeks upwards. But the market size is between 6 to 8 weeks. Keeping the broiler beyond 8 weeks will incur expenses.


Cost of full-grown broiler in Nigeria

Live weight broiler reared for 7 or 8 weeks is sold for ₦ 4500 to ₦ 7000 depending on the size/weight or gender. Male is costlier than female in general. If you are selling frozen chicken in the kilo, a kilo is sold for 2,500 nairas (sometimes five dollars).


Please comment and share if you find the post helpful. Thanks

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Olayemi 3 years, 2 months ago

Pls want to know after the 4 weeks , how did you feed your broilers, is twice a day or trice or more. Thanks

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Olayemi 3 years, 2 months ago

Pls feeding your broilers, how many times do you feed them a day? Thanks

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 years, 2 months ago

twice a day in the ratio of 3:2, that is 60% of their daily consumption in the morning 40% in the evening.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 years, 2 months ago

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Nsikak 3 years, 2 months ago

What if the farmer hasn't a ready market? Mind you the selling price (N3,500) you gave is for individuals not people who buy big. What price will you give to those who want to buy many from you?

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 3 years, 2 months ago

One of the major mistakes broiler farmer make is putting production before marketing.

Marketing should always come before production, in that way you will not be stranded at the end of your production.

If a customer is buying to resell, i can sell same birds for #3,300, but I hardly sell to middle men.

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Thanks for reading Usman. You can reach me through my contact page anytime if you have any problem. I wishing you a successful Poultry farming.

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Joke Shobayo 2 years, 10 months ago

Please sir, from what i read you said broiler is ready for sale in 8 weeks.i need the break down.i mean how many weeks for giving them starter,grower and finisher.Then when is the best month to start rearing them if i want to sell them in December.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 9 months ago

starter: first 4 weeks. If you will use a grower, which is not compulsory, it will be 3 weeks.

Grower is given for 2 weeks( 4 and 5 weeks).
And finisher, from 6 weeks till you sell off.
If you are not using a grower, you start at week 5 till you sell-off.
For the December bird, you can start early October.

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Chizoba Andy 2 years, 9 months ago

Please sir what would be the actual weight of a 2kg live weight broiler.
After removing the head legs and intestine???

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Shotonwa olamide Abosede 2 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for this article. Is it possible to keep broiler for 4month

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Comment awaiting approval 2 years, 9 months ago

Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 9 months ago

why could you want to keep a broiler for 4 months? It is uneconomical to keep broiler beyond 8 weeks because broiler weight decreases with age after 8 weeks.

It will take careful feed control to get your broiler beyond 12 weeks. It is rare to see broiler live up to 16 weeks, except they are left to explore natural behavior (grazing, earth pecking, dust bathing, etc)

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Akintomide Temitope 2 years, 8 months ago

Weldone sir, God bless you for these information.
Based on your feed intake calculations how I know what a bird will consume in a day, am a bit confused

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 8 months ago

since the cumulative amount of feed per bird is calculated per week, divide that amount by 7 to get the amount the bird will consume per day.

For example, from the table, at the end of week 4, a male bird will consume 2020g of feed.
amount per day = 2020/7 = 288.57g.

Hope this helps...

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Vakpor .E. 2 years, 8 months ago

Thanks for this information very helpful; I just want to ask, should the cost of building your pen, buying feeders and drinkers be added to the cost of rearing? Because I feel those materials will still be used again for another production. I feel the real cost have to do with buying the birds, feeding, drugs and vaccines and other miscellaneous expenses like coal for heating etc. What do you think sir, thanks once again for your insight.

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 7 months ago

You are right, Vakpor. Not necessary to add drinkers and finders. I only do it for the first circle of production.

However, the cost for building can be deducted bit by bit over some period of years.

For example,
If the cost of building is 500k you can decide to minus 50 to 100k every year, for the next 10 to 5 years, depending on your profit. This should be done separately (annually)

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Sam 2 years, 7 months ago

God bless you for this great effort!

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 7 months ago

You are welcome Sam.

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Garuba victor unugbe 2 years, 6 months ago

Marketing before going into this business is very Paramount cos I remember when I starter I couldn't sell them on time and it affected me badly. In fact I lost

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 6 months ago

You can say that again, Victor. Marketing is the soul of any business.

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Mueka,Bariledum 2 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for the update,but the prices you put up here are no longer the same,a bag of Fred is now 7,000,I have about 150 birds that eats 1 and a half bag a day,and they are about 6 weeks,am I over feeding them Thanks

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 2 years, 6 months ago

Thanks, Mueka for the price reminder. I will update it soon. Of course, you are overfeeding them. Watch out for overweight complications. One bag of 25kg will be enough for them at 6 weeks.

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Bosede Adeyeye 2 years, 5 months ago

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2mib 2 years, 5 months ago

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BLESSING PIUS 2 years, 4 months ago

Thank you very much Sir for this update. I have been searching the internet for a break down such as this.

And you do it for free.

God bless you more abundantly.

I will reach out to you soon via your email.

PLS: Does anyone know how much a DOC cost presently?

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King yommyz 2 years, 3 months ago

Good Day, please how can i differientiate btw orobo and soft chicken in broilers for frozen

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John wick 2 years, 3 months ago

Please what farm can I get good broiler chick to give me 4kg and above at 8-9weeks please?

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Iyoha Lawrence 1 year, 11 months ago

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Comment awaiting approval 1 year, 10 months ago

Tunde Adebayo 1 year, 10 months ago

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 1 year, 10 months ago

How spacious (meter of ft) is your compound and what kind of structure do you have on it? Send me an email for more details

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Ahlaji 1 year, 7 months ago

I went through the post and didn't see any mention of mortality. What about mortality, It is possible to run a bird farm without mortality ?

Also, prices of bird depend on your location and you're using festive period price. For example, in my location, the average price is 3000 naira cos there are so many farmers doing the business so it is always advisable for the potential farmer to do proper research about the business in his/her location

From experience, the profit you put there isn't achievable with 100 birds

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How many bags of chicken feed would be enough to raised 50 broilers for 6 weeks

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