Eggs Like Jewels: Top 7 Chicken Breeds That Lay Speckled Eggs

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Discover the most beautiful and unique chicken breeds that lay speckled eggs in this comprehensive guide! From the beloved Plymouth Rock to the lesser-known Welsummer and Marans, learn about the different breeds and their distinctive egg patterns. Explore the history, characteristics, and egg-laying habits of each breed, and discover which ones may be the best fit for your backyard flock. Whether you're a seasoned chicken keeper or a beginner, this article is sure to provide valuable insights and inspire you to add some speckled egg layers to your flock!

As a student, Jane had always been interested in animal husbandry. When she got the opportunity to work in our school poultry farm, she jumped at the chance. Initially, her job involved taking care of the chickens and collecting their eggs, which was a pretty routine task.

But one day, Jane noticed something different about one of the eggs she collected. Instead of the usual plain white or brown shell, this egg had a unique speckled pattern that caught her eye.

She asked me about it, and I explained to her that it was laid by a special breed of chicken that was known for its speckled eggs.

From that day on, Jane made it her mission to learn everything she could about these fascinating birds and their eggs

.She became obsessed with their beauty and uniqueness, and even shared some of her findings with me. And I was also inspired to do more research on speckled eggs.

So on this post, I am going to share with you so beautiful chicken breeds that lays jewel like speckled eggs

Let's get down to it...

shades of speckled eggs

Different Shades of Speckled Eggs

chicken eggs come in all sorts of colors and patterns, from white to brown to blue. One of the more interesting egg colors is

speckled, which features tiny spots or freckles on the shell. Speckled eggs are not only visually appealing but also highly prized by

egg enthusiasts and collectors. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the chicken breeds that lay speckled eggs.

  1. Welsummer

 welsummer's speckled egg        

The Welsummer is a Dutch breed known for its distinctive reddish-brown feathers and dark-speckled eggs. Welsummer eggs are

large, with a deep brown color and fine speckles that resemble coffee grounds.

They are a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers and can be found in many specialty egg markets.

  1. Barnevelder


  Barnevelder chicken breed                     

Another Dutch breed, the Barnevelder, is famous for its rich brown eggs with dark brown speckles. These eggs are often described

as "chocolate-colored" and are highly sought after for their unique appearance.

Barnevelders are hardy birds with good layers, making them a popular choice for small-scale egg production.

  1. Marans

                Maran chicken breed                                   Maran's speckled egg

The Marans is a French breed that is known for its dark brown eggs with speckles that range from light to dark brown.

The eggs are prized for their rich flavor and are often used in gourmet cooking. Marans are a dual-purpose breed that is also popular for meat production.

  1. Plymouth Rock

                                                 Plymounth chicken breed                           Plymouth speckled egg

The Plymouth Rock is an American breed that comes in a variety of colors, including barred, buff, and white.

These birds are known for their calm and friendly disposition and are good layers of large brown eggs with fine speckles.

Plymouth Rocks are a popular choice for backyard flocks and are often recommended for novice chicken keepers.

  1. Sussex

          Sussex chicken breed                                                             Sussex's Speckled egg

The Sussex is an English breed that comes in a range of colors, including red, speckled, and white.

The speckled Sussex is a particularly attractive bird with its white feathers and speckled black spots.

These birds are good layers of large brown eggs with fine speckles and are known for their friendly temperament.

  1. Easter Egger

                          Easter egger                                               Easter Egger Speckled egg

Ameraucana is one among the Easter egger

The Easter Egger is not a pure breed but rather a mixed-breed chicken that lays blue or green eggs.

Some Easter Eggers also lay speckled eggs, which can be a fun surprise for chicken keepers.

These birds are highly variable in appearance, with a wide range of feather colors and patterns.

  1. Cuckoo Marans                                

Cuckoo Maran's speckled egg

The Cuckoo Marans is a French breed that is closely related to the standard Marans. These birds lay large brown eggs with dark

brown speckles that are striking. Cuckoo Marans are hardy birds that are known for their friendly disposition and adaptability to a range of climates.

Which chickens lay green-speckled eggs?

The Araucana and Ameraucana chicken breeds are known for laying greenish-blue eggs with speckles.

These breeds are sometimes referred to as "Easter Eggers" because of the festive colors of their eggs.

The speckling on the eggs of these breeds is typically small and faint and can vary in color from light brown to dark gray or black.

If you are interested in adding some color and variety to your egg basket, Araucanas and Ameraucanas may be good options to consider.

It's important to note, however, that not all birds of these breeds lay green-speckled eggs - some may lay solid colors or variations of blue.

What chicken lays a speckled blue egg?

The Easter Egger chicken breed is known for laying speckled blue eggs.

Easter Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken that is not recognized as an official breed by the American Poultry Association but are popular among backyard chicken keepers for their colorful eggs.

Easter Eggers can lay eggs in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and pink, and the eggs often have speckles or other unique patterns.

The speckles on Easter Egger eggs can vary in color and size, but they typically have a bluish or greenish tint. So if you are

looking for chickens that lay speckled blue eggs, Easter Eggers are a great choice!

Which Chicken lays White Speckled Eggs?

It is a pity there is nothing like white-speckled eggs, and there aren't any chicken breeds that lay white-speckled eggs either.

Speckled eggs are typically brown or tinted, with speckles that range in color from dark brown to light tan.

While there are chicken breeds that lay white eggs, such as Leghorns and Anconas, they do not produce speckled eggs.

If you are specifically looking for white speckled eggs, you may want to consider decorating plain white eggs with speckles using food coloring or other materials.

In conclusion, there are several chicken breeds that lay speckled eggs, each with its own unique characteristics and qualities.

Whether you're looking for a breed for egg production, meat production, or simply for a backyard pet, there's sure to be a speckled

egg-laying chicken that will suit your needs. So why not add a bit of visual interest to your egg basket and try raising one of these speckled egg-laying breeds?


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