Are Broiler Egg Good for Your Health or Not? Let's Find Out...

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Eggs are the most complete food source, with the recommended consumption of 3 eggs per day for healthy people. The use of eggs has been in practice for a long, and nowadays it is an affordable main source of essential nutrients for healthy growth.

And as such, the demand for eggs has increased exponentially, and most people now keep chicken for the sole aim of egg production either for family consumption or for commercial purposes.

Consequently, people are now sourcing eggs from different breeds of chickens, including broiler eggs to fill their daily nutritional needs.

However, as people crave eggs, they are also aware of its ‘bad’  reputation of having high cholesterol, which can lead to other health challenges.

Bearing this in mind, people are now conscious of the types of eggs they consume, and this is what leads to the question we are going to answer today: Are Broiler Eggs Good For Your Health or Not?


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What are Broiler Eggs?


broiler eggs

Broilers egg

Broiler eggs are eggs collected from chickens that are specifically reared for meat. With the side effect of eggs and the nature of broiler chickens, you might be wondering, are broiler eggs good for your health or not?

Eggs are the best source of protein with high biological value and serve as an awesome food, especially for growing children.


But broiler eggs hatched from broiler chicken can pose a serious health problem. Let look at first the benefits of eggs.


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Benefits of Eggs

   If you prefer to prepare your eggs in the form of fried, boiled, or poached, all forms include essential nutrients that are crucial in making the body healthy. You can also mix it with other ingredients to give it a tasty and versatile look. 

A highly suggested product by doctors as it has a high content of good protein, which is quite affordable.

For people who are fit and healthy, eggs are the source to make them healthier.  Make sure you add eggs daily to your diet as it helps to improve eye and brain health, protect skin from harmful radiations, etc.


An egg is a pool of nutritious vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, selenium, zinc, plus vitamins like Vitamins B, A, and D. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of eggs in detail.


1. Offers healthy growth

Egg as a highly nutritious food, with high protein content, offers a wide range of essential amino acids, which are needed to build strong tissues in the body.  Additionally, eggs also play an important role in the biochemical processes, thus enabling the proper growth of cells in the body.

2. Improves heart health

Besides the few trace of bad cholesterol (LDL), an egg contains numerous healthy cholesterol (HDL) and omega 3 fatty acids which are heart friendly-improves heart function and lower the risk of getting various heart diseases.


3. Improves immune activity


As I earlier mentioned that egg is a pool of essential vitamins and minerals and two of these nutrients have been so instrumental in defending the body against harmful substances.

These two nutrients are Vitamin B12 and selenium. Selenium has the ability to eradicate harmful radicals from the body. If your immune system gets strong you are away from various infections like flu, cold, etc. 


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Are Broiler Eggs Healthy?

Most chicken eggs are safe for human consumption, except in some cases where the chickens were fed with unhealthy substances. This can be done unknowingly where the chicken feeds on a polluted environment or pasture, while in some cases it is done on purpose in order to achieve a particular goal. like in the case of rapid weight gain.


For example, farmers who raise meat chickens like broilers are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profit by feeding their birds what they call “booster”, which in most cases are not organic, but synthetic.

Most of these so-called boosters act by doubling the weight and growth of the broiler within a short period, and if such a bird actually lays eggs, there will be traces of some of these harmful chemicals in the eggs which is obviously unhealthy.


Some other points to note on broiler eggs

  • Research has shown that broiler eggs from synthetically raised broilers can cause cancer, especially in males.

  • A harmful hormone known as Dioxins is found in high quantities in broiler eggs. The chemical can cause serious health problems like nervous disorders, sometimes miscarriage, etc.

  • There is a huge number of unhealthy fats in broiler eggs that are not good for a healthy individual. If broiler eggs are taken regularly, they can cause many problems like heart problems, obesity, etc. 

Eggs come in different varieties from different species and they have a huge number of benefits. But, when the question comes – is broiler eggs good for health or not? Then it has some disadvantages and can cause serious health issues, especially broilers raised under heavy synthetic drugs-this is more reason you should consider using organic boosters.





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