Broiler Feeding Chart and Expected weight Per week Chart For Top Performance

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Broilers are fast-growing chickens that are specifically raised for meat production. Consequently of genetic enhancement, broiler chickens are fed more to reach the target weight or size between 6 to 8 weeks of age. Thus, it is paramount you monitor the growth process of your broiler chickens to ensure feed is properly converted to meet the target size. 

So, how can you monitor the growth and weight of your broiler chickens?

The growth progress of your broiler can be monitored using a chart known as a Broiler feeding chart or a broiler feed consumption table. This broiler feeding chart shows you the broiler feed intake per day, and the cumulative feed consumed with the corresponding average body weight per bird (in kg).

Reasons why you should use a broiler feeding chart

  • To keep track of your progress which turn to serve as a temperate to achieving your target
  • It reduces feed wastage. Making use of the broiler feeding program will tell when you are overfeeding or underfeeding your birds.
  • It also alerts you when your feed is not converting or underperforming


By the end of this post, with the broiler feeding chart, you should be able to answer the questions below:

    1. What quantity of feed do broilers require before they reach market weight?
    2. What is the total quantity of feed required to feed broilers to maturity?
    3. What is the total quantity of feed consumed by a broiler per week?
    4. What is the growth rate of broilers?
    5. What is the average weight of a broiler each week?


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Broiler Feed Intake Per Day, per Week, and 

Expected Broiler Weight Per WeeK



Feed consumed per Bird (KG) Cumulative Feed Consumed (Kg) Average Body Weight per Bird (Kg) Average Body Weight Gain per Bird (Kg)
Week 1 0.167 0.167 0.185 0.185
Week 2 0.375 0.542 0.465 0.280
Week3 0.65 1.192 0.943 0.478
Week 4 0.945 2.137 1.524 0.581
Week 5 1.215 3.352 2.191 0.667
Week 6 1.434 4.786 2.857 0.666
Week 7 1.593 6.379 3. 506 0.649
Week 8 1.691 8.070 4.111 0.605
Week 9 1.715 9.785 4.649 0.538

From the broiler feeding chart, you could deduce that:

  •  The quantity of Feed a broiler requires before maturity can be calculated as follow

         the standard time to harvest the broiler is from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, thus, the quantity of feed required to reach maturity  will be the average cumulative feed at week 6, 7 and 8

Therefore,  4.786+6.378+8.070/3 = N4.8086

Therefore, the quantity of feed  a broiler required to reis N4, 8086

  • A broiler chicken will eat about 8.6 Kg of 4,65kg at the end of week 9

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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much feed does a broiler eat per day?


         The quantity of feed a broiler will eat per day will depend on the age and size of the broiler. For example, from the chart above, at week 6, a bird will consume 1.434kg a week then 1.434/7 = 0.204kg per day. In the same way, at week 8, a bird will consume 1.691/7= 0.241kg.

Thus, at weeks 6 and 8, a bird will consume 0.204kg and 0.241kg per day respectively.

  • How many bags of feed can 100 broilers consume?

       From the chart above, at week 8, 1 broiler will consume a cumulative feed of 8.070kg

Therefore, 100 broilers will consume 100 x 8.070/1 = 807.0kg

25kg= 1 bag

807.0kg = 32.28 bags.

Therefore, 100 broilers will consume 32.28 bags at week 8

  • How many weeks do broilers eat starter?

A broiler will eat a starter from 0-10 or at maximum, 0 to 14 days to achieve the seven-day bodyweight. So, a broiler can eat starter feed for a week and three days or two weeks maximum.

  • When to give broiler grower 

Broiler Grower feed will normally be fed for 14 to 16 days. The transition from starter feed to grower feed will involve a change of texture from crumbs to pellet.

There is a  continuing need for a good quality grower feed to maximize performance.

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