How To Feed Broilers For Fast Growth- Secrets To Broiler Weight Gain

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broiler weight gain

The wish of every broiler farmer is for them to attain the desired weight in their broiler chickens within a short time. Which has led many of them to ask the following?  

How can I make my broilers grow faster? Which feeds will make chicken grow faster? How can I make my chicken gain weight fast? etc. These are the questions frequently asked by broiler producers.

However, as  I have stated in my previous articles regarding broiler weight gain, the causes of underweight in broilers have many causes such as genetics, poor welfare/management,  nutrition, diseases, etc.

With respect to this, I have made several articles and some YouTube videos on broiler weight gain, which have answered some of these questions. 

Notwithstanding, this article will teach you how to naturally feed your broilers for fast growth without any broiler growth promoters.

To make Your broiler chickens gain weight or grow faster, apply the following tips.

1. Feed Your Broiler Ad-libitum:

Feeding ad-libitum simply means to feed your broilers as much as possible (day and night) at least for the first two to three weeks. Not just anyhow feed, but rich quality feed.

The reason to feed this way is to attain the desired weight after the first 7 days, which will determine the rate at which your Broiler chicken will later grow. Failure to attain this weight will affect the growth of the chicken. Thus, do not underfeed or starve your broiler chickens, especially for the first 2 to 3 weeks.

In addition, use feeders that don't waste feed. Although, this may be expensive, investing in high-quality feeders that don't spill or waste chicken feed can pay off in the long run.

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2. Sort Your Broiler Chickens into Groups Based on Their Body Size and Weight

As birds grow up different physical traits become more noticeable, feather color, height, gender differentiation, etc. And as usual, some are more endowed than the others, especially in their sizes and weight. In such a situation, where feeders are limited, the bigger birds will intimidate and bully the smaller ones, thus, resulting in non-uniformity in your broiler flock. 

To arrest the situation, put broilers into groups based on their sizes and weight and feed them separately. This will enable the smaller ones to catch up in weight and size.

3. Ensuring They Are Eating Well:

Eating well is more than just eating consistently, but it also entails that the feed is rich with the proper nutrition for better performance. And the environment is conducive enough for proper digestion assimilation.

To ensure better feed utility, you should provide good ventilation, keep the litter dry and neat, and provide clean water always- if your broiler chicken lacks adequate water they will not eat well.

You can as well ferment your feed from time to time or give them probiotics to boost the immune system and improve the bird's appetite for fast growth.

4 Avoiding Hot Spots/Mold in Feed Silos:

During warm and humid months, mold growth can quickly occur in the broiler silos. Hot spots or patches of moldy feed sticking to the insides of the silos may produce mycotoxins and consume valuable nutrients.

To prevent this, make sure to clean and inspect silos periodically. Put drinkers closer to feeders for easy access due to their weight- but not too close to avoid spilling into the feed which can cause feed spoilage.

5 Using The Light On and Off Methods

To ensure better feed efficiency, use a light-on, light-off program. These tactics ensure your broiler chickens fully digest their feed while resting and give them enough time to consume a healthy amount of feed during light hours. While using this method, make sure there is enough feeding space for all broiler chickens to eat simultaneously

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